Tr-900 auction coming up.

Oct 28, 2022,03:01 AM

There is an auction coming up at Phillips on 5-6 November in Geneva.  There is  handsome tr-900 that's missing a serial number.   I had asked for photos because the last time I saw a tr-900 with no serial numbers it had movement issues.  I got the photo and it seem like it a standard as1361 movement and not the tr-900 movement.   And it has a standard bp dust cover and not the brass tr-900 cover.  Whats interesting is it has exhibition certificate.  I thought it should be disclosed because if you look at the three photo on the website you would not suspect anything.  Brian

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I don't really like these not numbered TR 900. You raised some very important points, Brian, such as the movement, the dust cover. Thanks for pointing them out.

 By: amanico : October 28th, 2022-07:38
As for the exhibition certificate, you mean the one from 2011? Then, I think I know the TR 900 in question. Anyway, the exhibition certificate only certifies that the watch was part of the exhibition, not its authenticity. Best, my friend. Nicolas

Excellent detective work, both of you.

 By: TheMadDruid : October 28th, 2022-10:10
This reinforces my opinion that auctions are to be avoided.

Nicolas. Yes. It looks like the 2011 exhibition. You do raise a good point that the certificate certifies that watch was at the exhibit and does not guarantee the watch.

 By: Briandumais : October 28th, 2022-10:38
I have seen some watches coming out of the exhibition that are really bad watches. This is the second such Tornek that did not have a serial number. My guess is they are leftover cases and dial that bp made into watches in recent period. Its would be inte... 

One was purchase by a watch dealer in England several years ago.

 By: Briandumais : October 28th, 2022-13:07
He sold it a few time. I think that watch had an incorrect bezel. He purchased it direct from bp. Brian

Neither did I...

 By: amanico : November 4th, 2022-11:17


 By: Jakub M : October 28th, 2022-11:21
With Blancpain providing extensive documentation when they service vintage pieces, should these discrepancies not raise flags? I mean surely if you are in possession of something this rare, getting manufacturer's seal of approval including photo documenta... 

Another from Phillips

 By: Bill59 : October 28th, 2022-22:34
This is the second such watch to be offered from Phillips Geneva. I and at least one other collector sent comments on the first. After several back and forths with me, Phillips chose to rely on BP Historical. The nub was the watch relied on a special case... 

There was a tr-900 that sold last summer on eBay that was initially a sterile dial. But when it was sent in for service bp replaced the dial with nice original dial.

 By: Briandumais : October 29th, 2022-21:04
I know it was a very special deal for them to replace the dial and I don't think it will happen again. But it proves there are a few spare parts kicking around. Brian

Wow, cool!

 By: amanico : October 30th, 2022-07:12

Another no number TR

 By: Bill59 : October 30th, 2022-14:46
Nico, the watch in question was auctioned by Phillips on Nov 10, 2019. A link is here: You can follow from there to the auction. The photos from the auction don’t load. I have a movement photo from Phillips via email (photo attach...  

Yes, 5 plus one. Brian

 By: Briandumais : November 2nd, 2022-13:08

How cool is that.

 By: amanico : November 4th, 2022-11:26

Yes Sir!

 By: fifty fathoms : November 4th, 2022-20:04

Thank you Brian

 By: fifty fathoms : November 5th, 2022-15:13

Many thanks Brian for pointing out the facts

 By: 198042 : November 2nd, 2022-15:37
I appreciate the very valuable input from all you guys very much! Even after having one in the drawer for more than 12 years, I am still learning. Many thanks from Old Europe Richard

I just saw that.

 By: amanico : November 6th, 2022-15:48

Yes, but still... ;)

 By: amanico : November 7th, 2022-07:14

Phillips is giving another one a shot - better documentation of provenance and numbered

 By: 198042 : November 10th, 2022-07:48
at their Dec 10-11 auction in NYC. same estimate as the one already discussed her. Check lot 168. Cheers Richard

Ah yes, this one, yes!

 By: amanico : November 11th, 2022-11:25