There’s no fully brushed X-71 for the 2885F, the standard one with polished connector elements is your only choice.

May 20, 2023,13:10 PM

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Bracelet for 2885 aqualung?

 By: Jp75 : May 20th, 2023-08:48
Dear all, Have acquired from the boutique a NOS of the Blancpain Leman Flyback 2885 with aqualung dial & brushed case. (It is a funny story: I was last year at the boutique and was joking how sad it was sad that the Leman series had been discontinued; to ...  

Thanks for the quick revert!

 By: Jp75 : May 20th, 2023-13:49
Many thanks for your reply 🙏 . So I would have to go for the brushed-polished combination if I understand correctly. If I recall, didn’t you once brushed a x71 in the past. Was it complicated to do and did you like it? Could I try to do the same for the f... 

Yes, I had a bracelet altered to fit the fully brushed case…

 By: shortys home : May 21st, 2023-04:33
… at the time it was made as a courtesy by a Boutique, but they no longer do that kind of job. Once you have the standard finish X-71 on your beautiful 2885F you can decide whether you really need it fully brushed. If yes my suggestion is to find a truste... 


 By: Jp75 : May 21st, 2023-16:24
Many thanks for the above, helps as it is great suggestion. First try it with the mix of prushef and polish works (a la PCL?) and if so desired have a jeweler brush everything. If I ever go down that road will definitely post it here. Cheers, Jerome