My mounted circle T dial.

Oct 25, 2019,12:27 PM

I was able to pick up a cool circle T bp dial a few months ago.  I decided to mount the dial into a spare milspec case.   I love the look.  What do you think.   Brian

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What not to like...

 By: fifty fathoms : October 25th, 2019-13:29
Never seen bevore a T dial. Thanks for sharing. Grüße Stephan

Why not a milspec case?

 By: fifty fathoms : October 26th, 2019-00:46
What case else? For me it looks perfect. Yes small crown would fit it a little bit beter. Grüße Stephan

I see, what you mean,

 By: fifty fathoms : October 26th, 2019-05:15
but was not the circled T preserved for military watches?

I found this..

 By: fifty fathoms : October 26th, 2019-05:28

This is a better link.

 By: Briandumais : October 26th, 2019-08:29 Brian

Thanks, Brian! [nt]

 By: amanico : October 26th, 2019-10:31

This is my interpretation of a circle t dial watch.

 By: Briandumais : October 26th, 2019-07:07
I don't think anyone has ever seen a complete Blancpain Dive Supervisor watch before. These dial have tritium on the dial so I decided to use a later later big crown case. If it was radium I more inclined to use a small crown. So its all speculation on ho... 


 By: fifty fathoms : October 26th, 2019-09:03
Yes, an amazing watch. Congrats and enjoy it. Best regards Stephan

Sadly yes, despite trawling Google for hours I never found evidence of a complete watch or even a caseback

 By: W154 : November 6th, 2019-00:32
But I’m not giving up the search yet. Here are some pictures confirming that they are indeed tritium. ...  

Thanks. Brian [nt]

 By: Briandumais : October 26th, 2019-08:27

By the way Brian...

 By: fifty fathoms : October 27th, 2019-03:10
How many Fifty Fathoms do you have at this time and how many passed, our hands?