Somehow I cannot get enough of this watch right now

Feb 10, 2021,06:54 AM

So simple and then again not.


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 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:31


 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:31
And appreciated for that. Cheers, Andreas


 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:29


 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:30
Lucky in a way because it remains within reach. Best, Andreas

Thanks a lot!

 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:29
Best, Andreas

Thanks a lot, Nicholas!

 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:28

So did you remove the shrink wrap from yours?

 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:28
I see what you mean with the volume - on the other hand if it were much louder people might get quite upset if you put in Grande Sonnerie mode! Cheers Andreas

Canโ€™t say I disagree :)

 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:27
Best Andreas

It operates a quarter repeater

 By: donizetti : February 10th, 2021-11:26
Thanks for asking! Best Andreas

How wonderful!

 By: kjkt3 : February 10th, 2021-12:29

Andreas AP

 By: Weems@8 : February 10th, 2021-13:34
It is a AP i seen not many times online and in the flesh. That mystery knob at 10 oโ€™clock, what is it? White sublime dial, shiny gold case, a watch for generations to inherit.

Jules Audemars Grande et petite sonnerie au passage et repetition des quarts

 By: donizetti : February 11th, 2021-02:29
Hi, it is actually quite a complicated piece despite appearances. If you look on the other side you see this switch It is a sonnerie, so it chimes the hours on the hour in petite sonnerie mode (PS) or the hour and the quarters every quarter (in grande son...  

Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel

 By: lim87c : June 27th, 2024-07:50
I also own this watch and I happened to come across this post just now. It is an excellent one and I had the dial removed as part of a customization. Hereโ€™s an interesting piece of info, both Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel worked on this watch with Giu...  

Thanks, that is really interesting!

 By: donizetti : July 5th, 2024-16:37
I'll check the hallmarks when I get this watch out of the bank safe next and let you know! Best Andreas

those are standard gold hallmarks

 By: GuinnessForMeAndTheWatch : July 6th, 2024-14:49
750 for purity 18k and the Helvetia head with canton case made in {looks G for geneva}

totally agree - thanks!

 By: donizetti : February 11th, 2021-02:32

So easy to see why.

 By: MichaelC : February 11th, 2021-05:56
What a pleasure it must be to wear.

it is

 By: donizetti : February 11th, 2021-12:14
Thanks Michael. Best, Andreas

thanks Count

 By: donizetti : February 11th, 2021-12:14
Somehow I think it would suit you too! Best Andreas

That means a lot coming from you, Justin

 By: donizetti : February 11th, 2021-12:13
Glad you like it! Best Andreas