One watch in - one watch out!

Jul 10, 2024,11:50 AM

Since I am obviously too weak to stop collecting watches (the virus is getting stronger rather than weaker and the tiredness that I once felt is no longer noticeable), I now have to resort to tough measures: if a new watch is to be added, another one has to go.

I have done this for a while and reduced my collection to only what I really like to wear. Then everything "degenerated" again. πŸ™

Now I have a similar situation again, and it is brutal. AP does not have a shop or representation in Austria. And so I have always toyed with the idea of ​​buying one and have also specifically pursued and hunted two special watch models. But it was not possible.

So I did not expect the dream that I would one day have the opportunity to buy a completely new and unworn piece from 2023!

I am really lucky and blessed to now have a beautiful watch collection. Not as "bombastic" and extensive as many of my other watch friends here, but I love (almost) every single piece and wear it regularly.

But there are developments in my taste that I cannot deny. I have noticed that over time I have now collected quite a few red gold watches (for me that was a refreshing contrast to my mainly steel, titanium, white gold and platinum watches at the time). And I have also noticed that there are some watches with RG cases that have a more sporty character which I really like to wear.

But the probably "most coveted" red gold watch in my collection I personally wore the least: my Patek Philippe Aquanaut Traveler 5164R.

The "problem": red gold mixed with brown, which is a beautiful combination in itself, but simply not in keeping with my life and clothing style. And for my taste it's too "dignified", too "well-behaved" and too... delicate.

And if a watch is not worn enough and I reach for that watch every time, but then at the last minute I prefer to go for another watch, then I draw the consequences.

What exactly does that mean? The watch finds someone it suits better. And it helps me to buy another watch that suits me better and that I have been dreaming about for some time.

I will be able to tell you exactly what that will be next Tuesday. It is an AP, as one can logically assume (otherwise I wouldn't announce it in this forum 😎).

So next Tuesday the deal will take place. I am as excited as a little kid. And I will tell you with joy!

All the best

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And you strike again πŸ˜€

 By: dedestexhes : July 10th, 2024-11:53

I'm crossing my fingers

 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-14:41
and hope that everything goes well next Tuesday. πŸ™

Sounds very logical Thomas

 By: Aquaracer1 : July 10th, 2024-11:58
Can’t wait to see what you decided upon!

Thanks a lot for your kind words! πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ

 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-14:46
I hope everything will go well. Cheers Thomas

That's good self-discipline...

 By: Goh : July 10th, 2024-13:01
Congratulations, and I look forward to the unveiling.

Let's put it this way:

 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-14:44
Elements of self-discipline in a sea of ​​dependence and passion. LOLLLL

Something stunning and not too often seen

 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-14:35
but also nothing completely crazy (no Marvel heroes). β˜ΊοΈπŸ™


 By: amanico : July 10th, 2024-14:37

Yes. ☺️

 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-14:42


 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-15:09
This series was launched in 1993.

15202 then?

 By: amanico : July 10th, 2024-16:45

No, sorry, dearest Nico πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-17:49
The deal is fragile, I don't want to mess it up in the last phase. So the stars have to stay aligned until Tuesday. Fingers crossed. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Ok, keep us posted!

 By: amanico : July 10th, 2024-20:17

The children of Switzerland

 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-14:33
of the next generations was what occupied me most mentally and emotionally!


 By: patrick_y : July 10th, 2024-16:10
Be safe! And enjoy!


 By: MTR : July 10th, 2024-17:41

Thomas, I β€œexited” a similar watch for the same reasons.

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 11th, 2024-13:00
In my case a everrose Daytona with a beautiful chocolate dial. A really lovely watch to look at, and I looked at is for three years without ever wearing it. The conclusion was it just fit my life and circumstances at this time. So it was moved on in favou... 

Thanks a lot for your thoughtful comment and

 By: MTR : July 14th, 2024-14:43
the story of your experiences. The advantage of your everrose Daytona was that at least the bracelet was also in red gold and thus the watch probably even more neutral than my Patek with the chocolate brown rubber strap. I have had some experiences of let...