First AP

Mar 30, 2024,08:42 AM

Got my first AP today. Fantastic piece that looks amazing in real life. I had waited some time for this specific model but definitely made the right choice

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 By: myles721 : March 30th, 2024-12:00

Congratulations. beautiful watch.

 By: MilDiver : March 30th, 2024-09:12
I've had my eyes on this specific version for quite some time now.

This is so cool 😎

 By: jim_94104 : March 30th, 2024-09:25

Beautiful watch

 By: shafran : March 30th, 2024-10:26
Offshores make great daily watches

Welcome and congratulations ! …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : March 30th, 2024-12:02
It looks great on your wrist. Enjoy !

Congrats it looks awesome…and welcome

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : March 30th, 2024-12:41

Excellent choice!

 By: pfang56 : March 30th, 2024-13:40
Not one I see in the wild often! Enjoy Peter

Fun colors

 By: TeutonicCarFan : March 30th, 2024-13:55

Excellent! Congratulations, and welcome here!!

 By: MichaelC : March 30th, 2024-13:59
I have seen this model twice in recent years and I really like it. Great entrance into AP!


 By: NautNut : March 30th, 2024-15:22
I have seen this one in person and it is a stunner.

Smart choise

 By: Weems@8 : March 30th, 2024-15:45
Either you prefer a bracelet or a rubber strap, with your first Audemars Piguet you can figure out wats best for you.

Beautiful watch.

 By: gary_g : March 30th, 2024-23:56
Wish my wrist was big enough.


 By: Uppersouth : March 31st, 2024-01:47
I love this reference! Great you got it as your first. I’m contemplating the blue or gray diver for my first .

Beautiful Offshore!

 By: Eikþyrnir : April 1st, 2024-08:14
I love this colour combo! Wish they had some more modells with such an exciting colour combination! I have the khaki twin brother and while I love it’s understated expression, there is just something playful with your piece that I desire! Wear it in good ...