New strap for LC

Aug 20, 2023,00:09 AM

I had to get a smaller strap for my Tank Louis. Decided to go with a matte dark green from Cartier. Just a note for anyone with a small wrist. I have a 6.25in wrist. The original strap was way too big. The standard short strap is definitely too small

. This is Cartier's "custom" intermediate size. I still go to the second to last hole but it's a nice snug but not overly tight fit.

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Looks great!

 By: patrick_y : August 20th, 2023-09:03

Looks very nice

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : August 20th, 2023-17:16

That strap looks perfect.

 By: Stonec : September 3rd, 2023-12:51
I have the same size wrist I’ll keep that in mind for my next straps. Thank you.

Rose gold or yellow gold?

 By: Sukan : November 5th, 2023-09:16
Looks really stunning with green strap