Good to see you around Sergio ;)

Jun 08, 2016,10:32 AM

Been quite some time buddy! Hope all is well with you smile

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 By: Maltie : June 8th, 2016-02:32
I guess the "golden" days of the notorious PAM21 are over.........  

The 21 has been...

 By: sergio : June 8th, 2016-03:58
caught in the "bubble" of the Panerai..golden general. Only 10 years ago, all the T-dials and some LE, were the...graal...of a lot of people. The bubble burst, the fashion faded in Asia (responsible for the bubble) and the prices..rightfully..came... 

Good to see you around Sergio ;)

 By: Makilla : June 8th, 2016-10:32
Been quite some time buddy! Hope all is well with you Laurent.

You're friend

 By: sergio : June 8th, 2016-18:55
I still visit this forum daily. Haven't seen you around much. On occasions I see some of your posts on FB. I'm not doing well, I'm doing spectacularly and of course I hope it's the same with you Ciao

That's great to hear man :)

 By: Makilla : June 9th, 2016-12:15
Well you're right, I'm not around lately. Have so many things going on at the moment. Are you still going to GTG's in Firenze? I haven't been to that place for some time now. Good talking to you buddy! Ciao

Quite a change in only 6 months

 By: alphabeta81 : June 8th, 2016-10:13
Recall the one at Phillips HK Lot 328 sold for around $100k only 6 months back. This auction seemed to have weak interest in many other pieces too -- even a Patek 3448 with extremely rare bracelet had a $80k hammer price. So I wonder if this was just a on... 

Here is the Auction of lot 328 Panerai PAM 21 more than 100K USD - SOLD FOR HK$812,500

 By: Bill : June 11th, 2016-23:00
Δ Σ 328 PANERAI A rare and important platinum wristwatch wirh Rolex movement 沛納海,罕有及重要,鉑金腕錶配勞力士機芯,“Radiomir”,型號PAM 0021,約1997年製Manufacturer: Panerai Year: Circa 1997 Reference N PAM 0021 Case N 34/60 Model Name: Radiomir Material: Platinum Bracelet/Strap:...  

If Anthony offered it to me in the 60k range I would not hesitate. But the auction is what it is.

 By: Bill : June 11th, 2016-23:20
too bad the 203 only got in the 70k as it too is a unique watch that traded over 100k for a while. The end result today all the "Neo classic" grail watches 127 - 217 249 -232 203 - 21 all have now suffered and made to compete with the 2000 new reference. ... 

I think you are right. Too many new references, too many OOR.

 By: amanico : June 12th, 2016-00:07
Now would I complain with the 372 and 587? No! They are the new champions. I would love to add them in my collection. But I am more surprised to see the 21 and 203 going down in a such strong way. Their movement ( Cortebert for the 21, Angelus for the 203... 

Wow!! I never expected to see this!

 By: Makilla : June 8th, 2016-10:30
A PAM21 selling for less than 70k? Who would have thought? Panerai golden days are over and things are getting even worse with the brand. It's losing the secondary mkt trust and most people aren't interested in investing in it anymore. Too bad because in ... 

I was thinking the same...

 By: ocwatching : June 8th, 2016-16:29
timing is everything...hope the owner had a reserve set

Wow, the Panerai bubble has burst

 By: andrevmsilva : June 8th, 2016-12:09
Nowadays we can even find the once "hot" Panerai 127 Fiddy for sale in some sites. As said, I think that the cooling in the Asian market is responsible for this price drop, but not entirely. I also blame the countless "limited" editions released year afte... 

A keen observation of reality some seem to have missed.

 By: Chuck A : June 9th, 2016-11:11
And, let's remember what the Pam 21's original retail sales price was when this watch was released. If this seller was the original owner, he still did well with this sales price, although not as well as if he had sold two years ago.