Live Photos of the Audemars Piguet 2010 Novelties

Jan 20, 2010,18:31 PM

PuristSPro's 2010 SIHH Live Reporting by Z3


Audemars Piguet  2010 Novelties


Ok, you've been waiting for the press, and now you have seen the press and the specs, and here are the live ones! There are a lot of things going on this year, so I will keep the descriptions short and sweet.

Millenary Carbon One Tourbillon Chronograph 


The Royal Oak Offshore in 37mm (note that they are not called "ladies ROO", which means that they could be considered "mid-size" ROOs. The ones without the diamond bezels certainly look like a miniature version of the regular ROOs)


Comparisons with a regular size 42mm ROO.



Comparative wrist shots:

Standard ROO 42mm


ROO 37mm


In a nutshell, the 37mm doesn't do it for me (but then again, I am a 6 feet 2, 200 lb+ guy). However, I've long heard that many East Asian collectors have complained about the large 42mm ROO case, so the 37mm might be a solution.


Royal Oak Calendar (date, day of the week) in SS and RG


Now, for many of us, the star of the show - the ROO Grand Prix! 

In forged carbon (1750 pieces), rose gold (650 pieces), and platinum (95 pieces). Although 1750 pieces are quite a lot  for a "limited edition", I am not a bit surprised if all of those are sold off instantly.

To be honest, there are MANY details for the Grand Prix, everything from the case, the dial, the bezel (check out the recessed screws), the polishing work, the crown and push buttons, the strap (made with calf skin and alcantara), and the display back (the only other ROO w/ display back since Montoya) featuring a specially decorated movement.

The movement is AP's in house automatic chronograph movement 3126/3840, of course.



Wrist shots of the forged carbon Grand Prix: Quite light and the alcantara strap feels very comfortable.



RO Skeleton, in SS and RG


RO Equation of Time, in SS and RG.


ROO Diver (certified, by NIHS 92-11, ISO 6425, to be officially called a diver's watch. water resistant to 300m. Thicker and feels more sturdy than the ROO Scuba)





Millenary Quincy Jones w/ blacked steel 



Jules Audemars Perpetual Calendar in RG.



Millenary Chronograph in RG


Jules Audemars Automatic, with skeleton rotor. Very simple and elegant.


Another 2 watches for some people to get excited about: The New York 57th street boutique ROO Limited Edition. Ladies in 150 pieces, Gent's in 250 pieces (steel case, rubber bezel, leather strap, rose gold hands and indices).



Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to shoot the ROO Tourbillon Chronograph. Hope to see it soon.

All in all, AP introduced many wearable pieces this year. My personal favorites are the Jules Audemars Perpetual Calendar, and the Grand Prix in forged carbon. 

What are yours?



Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Jon (Z3)


P.S. Please excuse me if I can't respond to questions in time, as I am literally up to my neck with work with minimal sleep. I will get back to you guys when I return to the U.S. Thanks for your kind understanding.

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Thanks z3 for the live AP pics

 By: ED209 : January 20th, 2010-18:53
My two favorites are the stainless RO skeleton and EOT. Do you know if the skeleton is an LE or regular production model? Thanks again for such great work posting the live pics. Regards, ED-209 This message has been edited by ED209 on 2010-01-20 19:27:59

Z3, Thanks for the SIHH pics! [nt]

 By: DRMW : January 20th, 2010-23:49
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the skeleton will be normal collection

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : January 21st, 2010-02:19
not LE for sure

"regular production"...

 By: ThomasM : January 21st, 2010-08:23
Hi, Ed, it will be "regular production" as noted below, but like all skeletonized models, production will be very low. Put another way, if you see one immediately available, and you really like it, snap it up. You never know when it will be "immediately a... 

RE: Regular production AP RO skeleton

 By: ED209 : January 21st, 2010-18:00
Hi TM, Thanks for the words of wisdom. What to do? 15305 or 25820? Or 26603? hmmmm, decisions, decisions, decisions..... Regards, ED-209

Thanks for the AP pics Jonathan!

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 20th, 2010-19:03
I'm curious to see how this smaller 37mm Offshore fits on the wrist. I actually might like this one better since the regular Offshore is on the borderline of being too large for my wrist because of the unbendable strap endlinks. The Offshore Grand Prix lo... 

You mean this one?

 By: ThomasM : January 21st, 2010-08:25


 By: Davo : January 21st, 2010-15:49
No message body

RO Skeleton for me!

 By: cory : January 20th, 2010-19:21
Love it. Is it 39 mm or 42MM? Some more specs, production etc would be appreciated. Thanks for your outstanding reporting. C

It should be...

 By: ThomasM : January 21st, 2010-08:19
the same size as the standard non skeletonized 15300, which means about 40mm. Notice the case is a production case, not a prototype case. Obviously, this can change when it goes into full production. Production, like all skeletonized pieces, will be very ... 

Production Vs Prototype?

 By: cory : January 21st, 2010-14:35
Could you please explain this clearer TM. Sorry for my ignorance but could the case size/design change in production? C

Thanks TM

 By: cory : January 21st, 2010-15:07
Also, are there some black pvd treated components on the inside? It looks either dark gray or black and was curious...? Thanks for your expertise.

Great photos . . . Thanks! [nt]

 By: Craig LA : January 20th, 2010-20:26
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Thank you so much. Great photos! [nt]

 By: boa2 : January 20th, 2010-21:15
No message body

best post until now....

 By: kkhazen : January 20th, 2010-22:20
... my next target is the Grand prix. Your pics helped a lot to have a better idea. My favourite is the Rg. If you have a pics of the left side of the watch, that would be very helpfull. Wonder how the thickness and the transitions from carbon to ceramic ... 

I have to stop reading these AP posts!

 By: dxboon : January 20th, 2010-23:29
There's just too much to love, and my pocketbook can't keep up! Some initial thoughts: - 42mm ROO is much more desirable to me than the 37mm. The dial of the 37mm seems a bit too squished. All the subdials are packed in there a little too tightly for my t... 


 By: furen : January 21st, 2010-01:25
I love the Rose Gold skeleton. I am just wondering if the movement is coated with pvd because it is a little black in the pictures. I just hope not too much people love the skeleton, it will be loooong wait! Francis

Nice watches. Thanks.

 By: VMM : January 21st, 2010-01:35
My favorites by far are the Royal Oak Equation of time and the Skeleton, very cool timepieces. Thanks for posting. Vte

AP Skeleton RO

 By: cory : January 21st, 2010-14:32
Would someone care to comment on the finishing on the inside of the skeleton? It looks kinda dark gray/black? Black components? I like and am sure it looks way more beautiful in the flesh. Thanks for all the pics! Cory

The Skeleton is AWESOME.

 By: VMM : January 22nd, 2010-15:36
It's not easy to read the time but, once again, who cares? Not me. 100% gorgeous. I'll post some pics tomorrow, just landed and very tired now. Vte

Nice photos

 By: joydivision : January 21st, 2010-03:55
Thanks for the excelent photos. There are some very nice classical watches altough i dont understand the need for such a small ROO when there is the RO. But the grand prix, the ROO tourbillon the carbon millenary and also the survivor they remind me of th... 

well done, Z3! Thanks!

 By: ThomasM : January 21st, 2010-08:13
I know how hard good pictures can be to get under those circumstances (my kudos to all who do such great work under stressing and less than ideal circumstances!) Cheers, TM

Great report Z3...

 By: Andy : January 21st, 2010-08:51
love the blue dialed ROO but price wise I really like the AP Diver....this and the JLC Navy Seals Diver are my 2 favourites of the show and look forward to seeing them both in the flesh. Great pics and thank you for your time in putting this together. You... 

Thanks Z3,

 By: michelW : January 21st, 2010-14:47
For the report, the black millenary looks very nice, and the new skeleton is a beauty too. Best, Michel

AP's done it again! Fantastic new releases.

 By: Davo : January 21st, 2010-15:49
Thanks for the great pics.

Quick questions about RO Calendar and Skeleton

 By: Dino944 : January 22nd, 2010-07:11
Is the movement in the RO Calendar the same base movement that was in the old 36mm RO Day/Date (sometimes also with moonphase)? Also does it have a quickset feature or does one still have to go backwards and forwards as on the old model to advance the day... 

cal 2324/2810

 By: ThomasM : January 22nd, 2010-07:45
Hi, Dino, The base movement is the same, just in a larger case. The basic movement is the same in the 15300 and 15305, just skeletonized, cal. 3120. I'm waiting for a clarification on the "finish" on the skeletonized movement. Cheers, TM

Thanks Thomas...

 By: Dino944 : January 22nd, 2010-11:22
I suspected the movement in the RO Calander was from the old RO Day/Date & Moonphase, but I wasn't sure. Also thanks for clarifying that the movement in the new Skeleton RO is based on the 3210. Thanks you so much for the info on the movement in the new R... 

Welcome; come by and visit more often!

 By: ThomasM : January 22nd, 2010-17:42
And I've got some follow ups for the auto forum; just been swamped...

Great photos !

 By: walds11 : February 26th, 2015-17:20

LOVE the 37mm ROOs!!!

 By: Ancienne Le Brassus : February 27th, 2015-00:50
I think they're super cool. I'll have to go see and try them on!! BUT for me, the Grand Prix are still the most amazing pieces!! Thanks for this report! S