Dufourmania for my 2000th post!

Mar 19, 2012,12:10 PM

Greetings to all!  First of all, thanks to all of you here who make the PuristS community so great -- it has been a tremendous pleasure to read your posts, interact online, and meet many of the members of this forum over the past several years.

Thanks also for sharing my excitement at the impending arrival of my Dufour Simplicity -- it certainly puts the cherry on top of the set of watches I have had the great good fortune to collect, and at least as far as I am concerned is one of the great classics.  A close friend of mine has told me that he considers the Simplicity and the VH Antiqua to be the two most important independent watches -- I'll leave it to others to debate that, but it feels good to have both of those pieces, as well as my beloved Observatoire, to treasure.

In true NorCal style, a group of friends gathered for lunch to celebrate the arrival of the Simplicity.  One member of the group was unable to attend, but the rest were on hand.  So -- five guys went into a dining room...

 No messing around!  Without delay, the first order of business was to get the Simplicity out of its travel case.  Great to be able to do this in the presence of good friends:

I'm guessing you haven't noticed this over the years, but I am a "no" when it comes to taking (and posting) pictures of food.  That said, I could not resist in this case, as two of our hardy band went for the Kobe beef burger topped with a hangar steak.  The burger is hidden under the steak in this view, but believe me, it's there...

In between bites, there was enough time for a quick initial wrist shot.  At 37mm, this watch looks great on the wrist -- I'm guessing that part of this is the fairly straight lugs that take the strap out to the sides

Oh, did I mention that the other attendees brought their Dufour watches as well?  To get started, here are the three lacquer dial watches, in PT, RG, and WG respectively (with apologies for the restaurant lighting glare and non-synchronized times)

And, a little later on, the full set -- with the WG Duality and two WG Simplicities on the left, followed by the RG and PT watches and finally the WG with anthracite guilloche dial.  In this mix, we had all 3 dial types in WG cases, and all case types with the lacquer dial -- not to mention that tasty piece on the left end.   All of the Simplicities at 37mm, with the Duality at 34mm.

More on all of those pieces shortly, but my first happy duty upon arriving home was to take some shots of my Simplicity in the light tent:

I'm really getting to like the elegance of the lacquer dial.  Of course, the grass is always greener so at some point I may want to add the silver guilloche with baton hands as a back-up, but for now this will do just fine.  In any case (no pun intended...), most of my gazing time will likely be spent looking at that fantastically finished movement:

For a limited production watch, the Simplicity has been the subject of a relatively large number of really outstanding photo-essays -- so I don't think I've added much (if anything) here to the inventory of Simplicity movement shots.  The good news is that I can keep trying!

Enough about me -- let's go back to my buddies' pieces.  First, the lovely PT piece -- to my eye the printing on this dial is a little more fine than on the RG and WG pieces:

WG with anthracite guilloche dial.  Looks great in indirect light -- but is a bugger to photgraph

The RG watch, freshly serviced by Philippe and with a new lacquer dial (replacing the anthracite one).  Dufour's RG is a fairly delicate hue that really complements the subtle design of the watch -- I have to say that I like this version the best:

WG with silver guilloche dial -- as noted above, a look that I really like (love that wavy gravy guilloche!) and may have to go for at some point

Finally, the Duality -- real royalty, also in WG with a silvered dial.  Very difficult to capture the correct color of this dial in photos -- it's actually more silver than it appears here

I didn't take photos of all of the Simplicity movements, but had to take some of the Duality!  Here's one -- I'll post more separately:

And, last but not least a couple of group shots.  You can imagine the pleasure it brought me to see all of these pieces in one place and to have the chance to photograph them -- complete sensory overload

Two things to note in this final shot: my watch (top center) had started running, so the time doesn't match smile -- more importantly, despite the reflection you will be able to see a better rendering of the Duality dial color in this shot

That's it!  I hope that you enjoyed, and will look forward to many more happy interactions with all of my PuristS friends.

All the best,

Gary G

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Breath Taking

 By: 4Js : March 19th, 2012-12:22
I had to stop working when I saw your post go up. Not only have you taken gorgeous photos, but you all must be very proud of these fantastic pieces of art and mechanics. Many thanks and ENJOY!!, Best, Joe

Thanks, Joe

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:23
I'm pleased that you took a quick break from work to take a look! Thanks for your post. Best, Gary

Such Beauty, such finesse...

 By: SALMANQ8 : March 19th, 2012-12:29
The movements, the dials, it moved me emotionally, thank you Gary for sharing these amazing watches with us and a Big Hearty Congrats to You on your Simplicity. S

Appreciate it, Salman

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:24
These watches do have the power to move us emotionally! Beautiful, and reflective of deep passion and dedication on the part of their creator... Best, Gary

Wow... what an amazing meeting !

 By: cisco : March 19th, 2012-12:44
Thanks for your beautiful photos of this exceptionnal watch! Also it look like common on your post cheers Francois

Always a treat

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:25
...to meet up with these guys, and also to "meet" you here, Francois -- thanks for your note! Best, Gary

You sûre know how to....

 By: alex : March 19th, 2012-12:58
Order a burger May your Simplicity time only happy moments and that is one hell of a post!!!!!!!!!!

I'm honored, Alex!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:27
As you are a man of indisputably excellent tastes, your burger praise hit the spot Thanks for your note -- as always, great to hear from you. Best, Gary G

Congratulations on the PD!! AND your 2000th POST!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!!!

 By: Ancienne Le Brassus : March 19th, 2012-13:11
And... as I anticipated, your pictures, are TERRIFIC! Thanks for taking the time to post these wonderful images!! I'm glad you finally have the beast on your wrist and look forward to enjoying these images! S

You are very kind!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:28
I'm pleased that the result lived up to the anticipation! Now I can go back to this piece from time to time and take more photos Best, Gary

I feel strong positive emotion

 By: hewitgar : March 19th, 2012-13:17
reading your post and knowing that the watch has gone to a great home and will give you great cheer. Of course, I also appreciated the burger shot, but a small part of me is disappointed there wasn't any caviar! Gary H

Many, many thanks, Gary

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:30
I look forward to sharing this piece with you in person when next we meet! Great guys like you are the best thing about this passion, and it has been my pleasure to get to know you over the past few years. I'll have to get back to work on that caviar... B... 

Thank you for sharing your moment with us, Gary!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : March 19th, 2012-14:09
Congrats to the 2K post and to your stunning watch! Not sure what I like the most - the clean classic dial or the beautiful crafted movement! Stunning! All the best Blomman

Thanks, blonman

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:31
Well, I do like the dial, but for me it's the movement that makes this watch! Thanks very much for your post. Best, Gary

6 Dufour in a restaurant!

 By: sidneyc : March 19th, 2012-14:40
I don't think it ever happened at this scale anywhere before haha! Amazing, Gary! Your photos are obviously of the usual stunning quality and with so many Dufours in one place, it really is hard to beat! Now I figured another very special meaning of the S... 

Thanks for your note, Sidney

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:36
There is one member of the Gang of 6 who is still PD-less (one member owns both a Simplicity and Duality -- not too shabby!), but otherwise you are correct -- our involvement with Philippe is another strong tie among the members of our group. The largest ... 

Hmm -- eating the burger/steak sandwich?

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:37
Then again, it was delicious! Best, Gary

Nice.... just nice....

 By: KIH : March 19th, 2012-17:08
.... in the restaurant, it is normal to drool, right? I wish to be there! Ken

You are welcome any time, Ken!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:38
We'll hope to see you some time soon. Best, Gary

This is what we've been waiting for

 By: RJW : March 19th, 2012-17:39
And you have surpassed my expectations with your 2000th. Stunning watch(es) and pictures. Amazing Norcal group. Thank you for all your contributions and photography Gary. Very much looking forward to what is to come in the future. Regards, Richard.

Thank you, Richard!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:39
It has been a real pleasure corresponding with you and reading your posts, and I hope that we can meet at some point soon. Best, Gary

Oh the humanity!

 By: Mostel : March 19th, 2012-17:47
I love so many great independent watchmakers these days. Dufour Kari Ferrier Roger Smith These and other great watchmakers have an essence that is palpable even in photos. But can there be any doubt whose movement is most lushly finished? It's like he tur... 

Dufour is "the man"

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:42
He really "made" modern independent watchmaking, and exhibited great bravery to do so. And, as you say, his finishing is unmistakable. His striping technique is unique as far as I know, both in terms of the width of the stripes and relative shallowness of... 

A steak and burger on one bun????

 By: Darren : March 19th, 2012-19:33
Oh yea, and some of the most amazing timepieces of the past century. Not a weak link amongst that group - must have been fun to bring them all together. Thanks for the scans, and enjoy your masterpiece. Darren

Cake and eating it too

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:43
In fairness, some members of the group stuck to salads and fish. At least the steak/burger was not served on a deep fried donut! There were also some other watches at the lunch -- when time permits I'll post a few photos of those as well... Best, Gary


 By: respo : March 19th, 2012-19:57
I did not know ther were that many Dufours in existence, and you got all of these at one table! Seriously, that is one amazing GTG, and more importantly, that is one beautiful watch you now have n your wrist. Thank you for sharing the arrival with us. And... 

Thanks, respo

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:45
Let's just say that I'm not going to get into an arms race with my NorCal pals -- they are some pretty serious collectors! Just a treat for me to have a few pieces and share their fellowship (and, from time to time, to photograph their astonishing watches... 


 By: takman : March 19th, 2012-20:38
I have never seen so many Dufours together... must have been quite the lunch. A big congrats to you, thanks for sharing. Chris

I was dazed the whole time

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:47
Must have dropped my fork about 5 times! Just overwhelming to take delivery of my Simplicity, be with my friends, see their great pieces -- 2.5 hours flew by... Best, Gary

Congrats Gary!

 By: tahoeblue : March 19th, 2012-23:58
No one deserves a new Simplicity more than you. Your posts keep raising the bar. Inspiring photos of perhaps the most inspiring watch. Does one need much else once he owns a Simplicity? OK, maybe also an Antiqua! Enjoy this one! And thanks for all the wor... 

Wow!! what do you call a gathering of P.Dufour watches?

 By: Topcat30093 : March 20th, 2012-03:23
STUNNING BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS MAGNIFICENT AWESOME COOL What ever it is, they are all true. I don't believe that I have ever seen such a fine collection, of Mr Dufour's creations in one place.............ever. Oh, how I wish that I had been there. Gary, once... 

You are too kind, Tony!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:54
Thanks so much for the warm message and kind remarks -- I do appreciate it! Best, Gary

Many thanks, tahoeblue

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:51
You and the guys are the big motivation behind this hobby for me! Now if only some members of the group would stop buying hard-to-photograph watches like that grey-dialed Simplicity life would be even better All the best, Gary

Dear Gary

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : March 20th, 2012-03:17
first of all congrats on 2000th post and thank you or better thank you for nothing for this Dufour galore. I'm very happy that your hunt for PD had such amazing end ...you deserved it absolutely Still bedazzled Damjan P.S. 6 Dufour went to restaurant I th... 

Calling pplater!

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:49
Indeed! I've made it a bit of a tradition to start my GTG reports by saying "so 5 (or 6 or 7) guys go into a restaurant..." but the pplater treatment would be hilarious, I'm sure. Thanks for your very kind note! Best, Gary

Thanks Gary for this

 By: Quan : March 20th, 2012-03:32
eyes opener post and Congrat on your 2000th

Thank you, Quan

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:57
Thanks for taking the time to post a note -- I appreciate it! Best, Gary

My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw

 By: samwan : March 20th, 2012-03:34
those lovely Roman indices, and so many of them in one go as well... Gary, you are such a lucky (and I bet, happy) man. Great photos by the way. Always enjoy your posts. Best Sam

I am lucky

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-12:58
Great watches, great friends -- including you and my other great Purist friends! Thanks, Gary

The wait was worth it

 By: Mark in Paris : March 20th, 2012-03:54
I imagine your excitement, during a long period waiting to possess it finally. Congratz for this extraordinary purchase Gary ! Best, Mark


 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:02
Sometimes the wait is the best part -- easy to say now that I have the watch in hand! Thanks for your note. Best, Gary

Show off!

 By: SJX : March 20th, 2012-04:08
Great photos Gary, thanks. - SJX

Guilty as charged, sir...

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:03
But with a lunch like that, I had to share! Thanks for writing, SJX Best, Gary

"Nothing exceeds like excess"...

 By: pplater : March 20th, 2012-04:20
It's great to have you here, Gary, if only to keep us grounded and 'real'. Besides, you're such a good sport when teased! Please accept felicitations of gargantuan proportion, for BOTH of your achievements marked by this post. Cheers, pplater.

Ho hum

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:05
Just another routine luncheon with friends -- a shame that everyone seems to have worn the same watch! Oh well -- maybe something more interesting next time Best, Gary

ok .... my mind is blown!

 By: donizetti : March 20th, 2012-11:20
Heartfelt congratulations and thanks for the photos of this incredible event. That last picture of the multiple Dufours is my new desktop. Wonderful! Thanks Andreas


 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:07
I had fun taking that last shot, although as you can imagine it was a bit nerve-wracking! One has to be veeeerrry careful when handling that much great hardware that doesn't actually belong to you... Best, Gary

Thanks, Tim

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:08
Your name did come up at lunch! Something about Basel, lunch, and a calendar Best, Gary

Running out of adjectives...

 By: DonCorson : March 20th, 2012-11:56
thanks for sharing the excitement of the meeting. What a collection. Congratulations! Don

Thanks, Don

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-13:09
My head was buzzing the entire time -- hope the other guys enjoyed themselves too! Best, Gary

Sweet jesus

 By: Ed. W : March 20th, 2012-14:52
the watches are sensory overload enough already, but the burger too? Congratulations

My doctor was there...

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-14:58
...but in keeping with medical ethics did not comment on the likely effect of the burger on my arteries. True friendship! Best, Gary

Simply stunning pieces!

 By: ling5hk : March 20th, 2012-23:19
It would be interesting if you put 3 hands watch of Dufour, Kari and Laurent together. Regards Ling

Great idea

 By: Gary G : March 20th, 2012-23:46
pplater did a fantastic side by side review of the Observatoire and Simplicity a little while ago -- and he, I, and several other NorCal folks are in the position of doing exactly what you suggest if we can only find someone who has the new Ferrier piece.... 

something like this?

 By: alex : March 21st, 2012-07:51

Wonderful shot! But...

 By: Gary G : March 21st, 2012-10:04
...that's the Gallet Tourb, not the 3-hand watch But then again, who cares! Excellent photo -- you did a great job catching the striping on all three movements in good light (which I know is not simple), and all three watches look great. In this photo the... 

Thanks Alex.

 By: ling5hk : March 21st, 2012-15:38
With all due respect to other independent watchmakers, Can I say that these 3 represent the widely accepted highest quality in current watchmaking? Regards Ling

Don't forget Vianney...

 By: Gary G : March 21st, 2012-21:51
...and I'm sure that there will be other nominees as well! I can tell you from personal experience that the Antiqua is one of the most gorgeously made watches you will ever see -- tremendous attention to detail, and beautiful proportions. Still waiting fo... 

Gary, I won't dare to count Vianney out of the league.

 By: ling5hk : March 22nd, 2012-01:48
But I will put him in a totally different category. Regards Ling

Dear God Alex!!

 By: Mostel : March 21st, 2012-16:18
What an inspiration. You are killing me. Your pic added to gary's post??? I'm going to have a hangover! M This message has been edited by Mostel on 2012-03-21 16:22:44

Great Post...

 By: Pulli : March 21st, 2012-10:35
Enjoy Gary...she's a beauty.

Thanks, Martin

 By: Gary G : March 21st, 2012-21:52
As you know, I am addiicted to the independents! Thanks for the part that you play in promoting these great watchmakers. Best, Gary


 By: Nicko16 : March 22nd, 2012-05:47
On a simple and beautiful watch!

Thanks, Nicko

 By: Gary G : March 22nd, 2012-06:02
I am wearing it today and it looks great! Best, Gary

Congrats Gary, getting so many DF in a group

 By: Mech : March 23rd, 2012-17:39
shot like this is an amazing feat! I have never seen one before and seeing it is like a dream come true for me! You may want to learn a new word "DufourSiao" to complement your "Durfourmania", I think it's apt Have fun Mech.

Thanks, Mech

 By: Gary G : March 25th, 2012-20:18
I don't know of any other Dufour group shots of this magnitude -- it really was mind blowing to see all of these in one place. Thanks for your note! Best, Gary