On Anticipation....Taking delivery of my JDN Tourbillon

Apr 15, 2010,10:18 AM

We all look forward to things. We anticipate, we dream, we desire. When that which is anticipated is realized, we feel joy, satisfaction, pride. When we fall short in mapping the mind on to the world we feel disappointment. But sometimes, and these times are rare, the realization far surpasses our expectations. This brings on euphoria!


We anticipate events all the time. We might try a new recipe, expecting some outcome, and measure the end result to our expectations. Perhaps in a feedback loop, we customize the recipe, adapting it to suit our taste, searching for a result that will satisfy and bring on those positive emotions. On a larger scale we write a business plan and execute it, and in doing so adapt it to unanticipated events. Ideally one succeeds and gets the rush from achieving a dream.


We anticipate in artistic endeavors, both actively and passively. In writing, does an author accurately express in words that which he imagined, whether a description, a feeling, or an idea? Does the reader understand what the author is trying to convey (it is a two way street with writing)? Does a composer capture in notation what his inner ear is hearing? Do the performers realize the structures, gestures, and sonorities that the composer intended? Do the listeners grasp what both what the composer is trying to express and what the players are trying to realize? Can they imagine it being better?


I write this because I have just had an experience that far surpasses my expectations. Many readers here know that I ordered a Jean Daniel Nicolas two-minute tourbillon from master watchmaker Daniel Roth. It is a rare watch, to say the least, and there was a certain leap of faith in my choosing to purchase it: I couldn’t try one on before committing to it. It is also, by far, the most money I have ever, and will ever, spend on a watch, so much so that I had to liquidate a VC collection that I had spend years building, with many pieces that were both rare and valuable, to fund it.


I wired my deposit in May of 2007 and the watch was ready for pick up on March 1, 2010. I flew over to Switzerland this past weekend to pick it up and finally meet Daniel, his wife Nicole, and their son Jean-Daniel. All through the production process I received updates on the progress of my watch, both written and photographic, and I often showed these photos on this forum. This certainly fed my anticipation, seeing just how meticulous Daniel’s work is. But everything up until this weekend showcased the parts, and to finally take delivery of the assembled and regulated watch, to see it in person, to wear it, to meet its maker, is to experience a whole that is so much greater than even the sum of those parts.


The watch is magnificent! The Roth’s are generous, warm, and friendly. This smile you see on my face in the picture below, taken on Sunday, is still there:


Photo taken by Alex Ghotbi




There will be many more photos to come:





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Congratulations, Bill!

 By: respo : April 15th, 2010-11:09
Wow, a three-year wait, but yes, judging by the watch itself and the smile on your face, it seems well worth it. The watch looks beautiful. I know you made a lot of adjustments to your collection to get this one, and I am happy for you to see the beautifu... 

I'd be smiling as well.....

 By: Darren : April 15th, 2010-11:14
To me, it doesn't get any better than JDN. A masterpiece from one of the true masters - I'm sure you'll enjoy that one forever. Wear it in good health. Darren


 By: aldossari_faisal : April 15th, 2010-11:41
your words are truly touching, and your smile truly reflected on me and am smiling as well. Faisal

Congratulations ! ...

 By: DonCorson : April 15th, 2010-12:39
I had the great pleasure to meet Mr. Roth and to see up close one of his watches in Basel. (He even divulged to me in passing the solution to one of that myriad of little watchmaking problems that no-one who didn't really make their own movements themselv... 

Absolutely stunning :-)

 By: CL : April 15th, 2010-15:15
Congratulation!!!!!! It's one of the super top Tourbillon in my head alongside Journe remontoire, PLM, RM009, Patek 5101P and the new Laurent's Tourby. *CL

Congratulations Bill............

 By: Topcat30093 : April 15th, 2010-17:32
on your beautiful new special piece.

Incredible watch and excellent post!

 By: sklim8 : April 15th, 2010-18:07
Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

It's gorgeous, Bill!

 By: dxboon : April 15th, 2010-21:19
I can't wait to learn more about it. You have every reason to smile about your new purchase. I feel sure that the satisfaction you are experiencing now will linger with you for a very, very long time. It's such an amazing timepiece, Bill. Even though I'm ... 

My heartiest congratulations!

 By: Gary G : April 15th, 2010-21:35
Bill, I couldn't be happier than to see that photo of you with the big smile! Congratulations to you on this magnificent piece, as well as on achieving the level of self-insight that allowed you to liquidate a significant collection in that spoke to you i... 


 By: ED209 : April 15th, 2010-22:32
Stunning watch, congratulations! Can't wait see more pics. Regards, ED-209

Wow Bill. Big conggrats.

 By: watch-guy.com : April 15th, 2010-22:42
I now understand why you have had to let go a number of your pieces for this absolute masterpiece. Well wort it! If not a jacket, at least a collar and tie!! ;> )

what a marvel

 By: time2tik : April 16th, 2010-00:03
worth the wait

what a marvel!

 By: time2tik : April 16th, 2010-00:04
worth the wait

Congrats Bill !

 By: takashi78 : April 16th, 2010-01:13
Finally you collect your long awaited piece. Will be waiting for more pics. Maybe i cant find your old post but initially how did you interact with DR on how to build the watch to your specs?

Yes more pics please

 By: Geo : April 16th, 2010-02:15
this watch deserves to be featured here widely. Congrats on the watch, you really bought a 'piece'. GEO

Congratulations Bill

 By: Ian Skellern : April 16th, 2010-05:05
A very special day indeed.

Bill, congratulations.

 By: CaliforniaJed : April 16th, 2010-07:26
That''s a treat to see and must feel incredible to wear. Enjoy it! (And please more pics!) Best, Jed

What a looker!

 By: asg : April 16th, 2010-07:36
Congrats on a truly remarkable watch! I have had the pleasure of seeing one of these in person, and it truly is one of the most stunning pieces around! Wear it in the best of health! asg

Congrats Bill!

 By: SJX : April 16th, 2010-08:26
Can't wait to hear more. - SJX


 By: gmwu : April 16th, 2010-10:30
Huge congrats, Bill! Well worth the wait.

a big heartfelt congratulations

 By: ChristianDK : April 16th, 2010-13:08
a truely lamazing watch - and a bold step to liquidate your collection. best regards christian

Dear Bill, I congratulate you on...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : April 16th, 2010-13:33
your audacity to venture into unknown territory your trust and believe into a watchmaker individual for taking a decision, stick to it and make the necessary arrangements for listening only to your own criteria This is an example of entrepreneurship on th... 

Congratulation, Bill! Spectacular timepiece. [nt]

 By: polarbear1990 : April 16th, 2010-16:02
No message body

oh my goodness.!!

 By: Tony A.H : April 16th, 2010-17:07
this is a STUNNING Piece. HUGE congrats. enjoy it in good health. Cheers Tony

It is as beautiful as you describe it

 By: Mostel : April 16th, 2010-20:12
Tourbillons rarely move me: this one is poetic. God bless and congratulations.

Congrats Bill,

 By: papillonwatchman : April 17th, 2010-00:04
It's one of the holy grail wathes of my list, awesome that you have it, enjoy it, en please put many more picture's of it. best Michel

Fabulous - what an overwhelming piece.

 By: tony p : April 17th, 2010-01:21
You are indeed a lucky man. Cheers Tony P

awesome, congrats! (nt)

 By: ei8htohms : April 17th, 2010-06:37

Huge Congrats Bill

 By: Quan : April 17th, 2010-07:07
you are a lucky man

A truly inspirational post Bill.

 By: fernando : April 17th, 2010-08:54
Your smile alone is worth the sacrifices made to acquire this incredible timepiece! Looking forward to the next installment of this thread which I'm sure will enthrall & motivate us to the next level and to share in your excitement. Congrats! fernando

Cool! [nt]

 By: DRMW : April 17th, 2010-08:56
No message body

Kudos, Bill . . .

 By: Dr No : April 17th, 2010-13:20
. . . you've lived and accomplished every Purist's dream with this watch . . . most cordially, Art

It's worth every single VC!!

 By: sidneyc : April 17th, 2010-16:14
Congratulations on your JDN and what an experience to actually follow the whole production process of your very own special piece! Thanks for the lovely story and pictures! Wish you much enjoyment out of this masterpiece! It's absolutely stunning!

I am so very excited for you my friend...

 By: Donut : April 17th, 2010-20:46
what an incredible timepiece and an incredible adventure. In this hobby we throw around words like grail and art....but here it is truly deserved, that is much more than a watch...it is truly a work of art. Congratulations to you and to the Artist....Dani... 

CONGRATS! Cant wait to hear more THANKS FOR SHARING!! [nt]

 By: Ancienne Le Brassus : April 18th, 2010-00:00
No message body

That smile on your face makes the journey all worth it my friend!!!

 By: dshao1 : April 19th, 2010-01:02
Congratulations Bill! I would echo what Alex wrote, you could have worn a jacket and gotten a closer shave . But those are just some nit-picking details compared with the treasure on your wrist. Best Regards, Dan

Many thanks for all the kind replies.....

 By: WHL : April 19th, 2010-07:45
Please pardon my appearance in the photo...I hadn't slept for thirty hours and I never shave on Sundays. Please note that no one else there was wearing a sport coat, not even Alex, whose pot is blacker than his kettle! ;-) It is only fair to ask if he was... 


 By: MiniCooper : April 19th, 2010-12:33
it is great getting your grail watch.... Enjoy it.... we are looking forward to your review..... Again congratulations.... cheers

It looks gorgeous. Congratulations.

 By: VMM : April 20th, 2010-10:53
I'm sure it worth the wait. Enjoy. Vte

congratulations and enjoy it Bill.

 By: G99 : April 21st, 2010-03:51
i know what a sacrifice it is to sell a large number of pieces to fund one very special piece, although not on the same fiscal scale as yours. there will always be regrets about what you sold but never any regret about why you did it and what you have bou... 

That is what I call a lucky guy!

 By: radone : April 22nd, 2010-00:25
Wear in good health!

Congrats... and WOW !

 By: monochrome : April 22nd, 2010-04:34
What an incredibly beautiful watch... and from one of the best watch makers alive. My compliments on your choice for both the watch maker and the complication. Last year i picked up my dream watch in Helsinki (Sarpaneva Korona K1) and i know the feeling o... 

What a beauty Bill! I am just catching up after a few weeks away

 By: timerider : April 26th, 2010-17:18
from the forum. This is really a great treat, can't wait to see more pictures, keep 'em coming--pictures and watches .. Best to all, Tim