Travelling with the P15 to Morocco

Nov 24, 2018,17:14 PM

I had great ten days touring through the famous royal cities of Morocco together with my students. Unfortunately, I have made only one pic of the watch, but more than 1,600 of the sights!


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Lucky you and students!

 By: nomadgiles : November 25th, 2018-01:33
Which city made the greatest impression? I have my own, and always interested to hear others. Shukran. G.

Favourite city? Difficult ....

 By: Marcus Hanke : November 26th, 2018-03:41
I liked that "European" feeling in Essaouira, but the vervent mix of tradition and modern appeal in Rabat. Unfortunately, heavy rain and cold weather compromised our visit to Fes. I think that Marrakech is a rather perfect compromise between the old and t... 

Shame about the Fez weather! The old cities are a challenge to orientate around and generally more 'hidden' - but with perseverance has come to the fore & above Marrakech in my heart over the years.

 By: nomadgiles : November 26th, 2018-04:07
Meknes too as a bit of a 'lost' imperial city. Chefchaouen is also a favorite location & for some Rif hill trekking; and yes - Essaouira for a relaxed vibe. Cheers, Giles.

It‘s like Essaouira in the mountains!

 By: nomadgiles : November 26th, 2018-16:13
You will love it my friend - but stay clear of Ketama, especially driving at night!

:))) [nt]

 By: amanico : November 27th, 2018-06:13

Tanger is good - but like any port town can be rather ‘edgy’

 By: nomadgiles : November 26th, 2018-16:21
- only place I’ve ever had a knife pulled on me - but I was in my 20’s & could run fast!

Very nice! I've never been!

 By: patrick_y : November 26th, 2018-01:17
Nice choice of watch there!