Strap Options of Zenith Defy El Primerio?

Jun 23, 2019,07:04 AM

Hi Guys,

Anyone knows where to get extra straps for this watch? In particular, I am looking for a white rubber or leather strap. Been looking everywhere and try google but nothing shows up, including 3rd party vendors. The strap is integrated with the case and standard strap won't fit nicely. 

Zenith only provide 3 other options for this watch, black leather, black rubber and blue rubber. sad

Any advise appreciated. 

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Not so sure what straps you can fit in with these lugs shape.

 By: Makilla : June 23rd, 2019-09:33
Not easy at all to find aftermarket strap options. Kinda reminds me of the Hublot case/straps design

Not sure if this helps but

 By: 111forza : June 23rd, 2019-10:34
Might be worth trying 🤷‍♂️


 By: benlee338 : June 23rd, 2019-17:00
Look thru their website and didnt find any suitable straps. But I will email them to ask.

I see two options...

 By: yacomino : June 23rd, 2019-11:53
I am told Strap manufacturer like Hirsch strap can make a custom design toi match the shape of the original Zenith strap. So if you order a leather strap it will be less stiff then the original. HOwever it must be done through a AD and not online I beleiv... 

I have contacted Zenith

 By: benlee338 : June 23rd, 2019-17:00
and they only offered what I have mentioned. Bracelet is not an option for now. Anyway, thanks.


 By: benlee338 : June 28th, 2019-10:37
But for this model, I am not keen on the bracelet...

Some strap manufacturers would make special designs...

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 24th, 2019-00:24
... on custom order. However, you would have supply one original strap as a template. Hirsch used to do that, and I read about Kaufmann and Fournet as well. Marcus


 By: chikai168 : June 25th, 2019-12:20
Hi, I have the same watch and I wanted different strap as well because I felt the fit to my wrist could be improved. The short answer is that it will be nigh-on-impossible to get it done. I took the strap off to see how the ends integrate with the case an...  

I must be in luck!

 By: benlee338 : June 28th, 2019-10:43
Zenith just released a new LE release and in a white rubber strap. Although it's rather pricey at USD300+... ...  

I just want to mention something

 By: foversta : July 9th, 2019-15:12
Mine is sing the latest version of the folding clasp which is thinner and more comfortable. Fx