Just plain joy

Apr 22, 2024,00:29 AM

how this one wears... For a great week to everyone 🍻

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Beautiful and easy wearer

 By: Aquaracer1 : April 22nd, 2024-01:02
Especially on that strap. Nice choice!

gracias Aquaracer1

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-01:27
The bracelet is super cool but I love using natos

Such a beauty. I love it on the nato.

 By: gary_g : April 22nd, 2024-01:16
What is the reference and approximate manufacturing date?

I also love Natos (on everything!)

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-01:28
This is the A385 reissue that was launched in 2021 if I remember correctly

Wow. I thought it was vintage.

 By: gary_g : April 22nd, 2024-02:12
Great looking watch.

These Revival series

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:39
are made exactly like the originals.... a 1 to 1 replica... Zenith did a great job here

Looks great on NATO +++

 By: j.jota : April 22nd, 2024-02:13

Gracias j.jota

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:40

Looks great on the NATO.

 By: RabidManatee : April 22nd, 2024-02:21

I love it, thanks !

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:40

I'm convinced!

 By: blau : April 22nd, 2024-03:13
This should be my watch of Summer 2024, shouldn't it?

GO for it, blau !

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:41
you know what to do :P

Beautiful timepiece

 By: sschew : April 22nd, 2024-03:29
A very nice watch

Thank you sschew :)

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:42

Lovely color palette

 By: Arronax : April 22nd, 2024-04:42
Size is period correct too, it looks like a real joy to wear!

yes, Zenith did good on the Revivals

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:42
they are very cool !

pura vida !

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:51
¨Pura vida¨---- This is an expression we, Costa Rican locals have inprinted in our spirit/culture


 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2024-15:16

I see you took the cool bracelet out

 By: Derreck : April 22nd, 2024-07:31
and in with a cooler nato, looking great and original this reference whether on nato or on bracelet.

Bracelet is awesome

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:53
But I am always changing the look, so I feel like having new watches all the time --without the expense :P jeje

Tiene que ser un sensación agradable.

 By: Derreck : April 22nd, 2024-20:42
Hago lo mismo con uno de mis relojes, tengo que admitir que me gusta mucho.

Verdad que si!?

 By: bsandovalb : April 23rd, 2024-04:24
un abrazo !

Igualmente 🙏

 By: Derreck : April 23rd, 2024-08:14

One cool combo!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : April 22nd, 2024-11:04

oh yes, cannot go wrong there

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:55
both very nice.. I sometimes wonder if I should add the A384 or the cover girl... love these cases and how they fit

All great choices!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : April 22nd, 2024-15:46

Gracias yacomino

 By: bsandovalb : April 22nd, 2024-14:54

ahhh thanks for sharing !

 By: bsandovalb : April 23rd, 2024-04:25