New shoes, who dis?

Apr 15, 2019,11:49 AM

Loving this nubuck alli strap...  Breathes a new life into one of my faves:

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 By: chap : April 15th, 2019-11:56
I had originally bought the strap to pair with an RG piece, but I tried it on the LF, and the combo started glowing.

Right on

 By: chap : April 15th, 2019-15:03
I actually missed the RG's size by a couple mm, so thinking I'll have to get another stitched up

Wow really nice pairing [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : April 15th, 2019-11:53


 By: chap : April 15th, 2019-11:56
I think its found its permanent home

Great strap, great sector dial on your Galet Square!

 By: mrds : April 15th, 2019-11:53
Top combo. You wear it in style, Chap. Best, Daniel


 By: Adamska : April 15th, 2019-11:53
Cheers, Filip


 By: keks : April 15th, 2019-11:55

Well done. Lovely combo.

 By: patrickh : April 15th, 2019-12:08
I like your style. Congratulations. Patrick H

Thanks, Patrick [nt]

 By: chap : April 15th, 2019-15:10


 By: Artoxares : April 15th, 2019-12:45
Best, Nicolas

Looks amazing 👌🏻😘

 By: Watchonthewrist : April 15th, 2019-12:52
Stunning LF btw

Very cool strap 👍

 By: Mike H : April 15th, 2019-15:04
It looks sporty elegant, very good combo with a steel case galet square I like it 👍. Is it a LF strap ? It looks really cool, congrats 👏👏

Thank you. It isn't an LF strap... I think they would do well to offer such, personally

 By: chap : April 15th, 2019-15:09
I think someone rec'd the strapmaker on here a while back, I decided to pickup this as well as a tan nubuck alligator as well. The scaling isn't as pronounced on the tan, and its a touch too "bright" but still a fun accent piece. Will post that one anothe... 

Great combo!

 By: kcinemod : April 15th, 2019-15:07
That dial is gorgeous!

Perfection ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : April 16th, 2019-00:22

Looks great

 By: Mostel : April 17th, 2019-14:58