Thanks for the report!

Oct 19, 2012,10:48 AM

I'm fascinated that the final shape is determined post-heat treatment, but coiling it for shipping...


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The first WatchTech field trip - a visit to Générale Ressorts

 By: DonCorson : October 19th, 2012-03:40
WatchTech Field Trip #1: How are Main Springs Made? – a Visit to Générale Ressorts In WatchTech101.1 and .2 we have seen some of the engineering aspects of the watch main spring and how the characteristics of the material govern the springs shape. Today w...  

Thanks Don

 By: E.S : October 19th, 2012-07:15
this is very educational for me , would you enlighten us how mechanical watch work, from winding up the spring to...... looking forward your next program best, Eddy

Thanks for the report!

 By: aaronm : October 19th, 2012-10:48
I'm fascinated that the final shape is determined post-heat treatment, but coiling it for shipping... A

Who would have known that it was that complicated!?

 By: Epilogue : October 19th, 2012-13:05
Thanks for the informative post.

Never realized there was so much work...

 By: Emil Wojcik : October 19th, 2012-15:29
...or so much equipment involved in making such a tiny spring! Thanks for the write-up. Emil

Fascinating stuff, Don! Millions of mainsprings produced annually . . .

 By: Dr No : October 19th, 2012-16:46
. . . and all have some level of manual labor in the winding process. Reassuring to know that even with today's technology, there's still an element of craftsmanship in watchmaking. Thanks very, very much for these articles. Art

Do mainsprings have an expiration date....

 By: tick tock doctor : October 20th, 2012-08:30
Does a mainspring made with Nivaflex have a shelf life? Will they become "Set" from long term shelving in a parts cabinet or in a watch? Thank for the post Don, Well Done. (Really enjoyed) Anthony

Thanks for the exhaustive report

 By: Mark in Paris : October 21st, 2012-15:43
I'll have to go through it again but thanks very much for all this work. It's one of the main element of a watch "engine" and its functioning is not always well understood. Cheers, Mark

Thank you for such a rare look

 By: Ophiuchus : October 22nd, 2012-20:04
at spring manufacture. You included a lot of details about the alloys and their creation I have not seen before anywhere. I'm envious of your trip, seeing such closely guarded secrets :) Thanks Don for bringing us one of the first uninhibited looks at spr...