It has worked for me for the last 10 years

Jun 20, 2022,19:48 PM

Semi-professional watch tinkerer and restorer (not claiming to be a watch maker)


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Any recommendations for a loupe or magnifier?

 By: mdg : June 20th, 2022-16:04
I have some old watches I'd like to take apart and play with. I'm looking for the kind of magnifier that has the wire to fit on ones head. Two questions: 1) Are there standard magnifying strengths (10x, etc.)? 2) Are there any particular brands I should l... 

Not perfect but I use

 By: Thomas_3 : June 20th, 2022-17:21
a 5x loupe I got at the hardware store. I can hold it with my eye socket long enough to see what I want. I have a smaller folding 10x but it strictly hand held.

I have a nice loupe from Parmigiani...

 By: mdg : June 20th, 2022-18:01
...but it is very difficult to keep from falling out of my socket. I want something that I can have on for an hour at a time. I'm not even sure what the magnification level is, but that part is fine...

Loupe system

 By: MilDiver : June 20th, 2022-18:32
Easy view, wide f makes all visual brighter Attached to iPhone and it makes great macro lens Not cheap , around 500$

Not looking to spend that kind of $$...I'm no pro...

 By: mdg : June 20th, 2022-18:36
...I just want something decent for $50-100. Maybe I will take a flyer on something from Amazon if I can return it...

Bergeon certainly has a solution for you

 By: dedestexhes : June 20th, 2022-18:37
If it is difficult to keep your loupe in your eye they have also this: And so much more. Br, Dirk ...  

Thank you...

 By: mdg : June 20th, 2022-18:47
...this is what I am looking for. I used one in a NY Horological Society watchmaking class once. I just wasn't sure of what the good brands are. I will do a search...

I advise a headset like this

 By: cazalea : June 20th, 2022-19:10
Much more comfortable and variable lenses for different tasks I use mine all the time — 10x is rarely needed, and this work with or w/o eyeglasses. Cazalea ...  

Interesting...hadn't thought of this : )

 By: mdg : June 20th, 2022-19:18
...I would be pulling apart movements, changing batteries, etc. Is this truly enough magnification for that sort of thing?

It has worked for me for the last 10 years

 By: cazalea : June 20th, 2022-19:48
Semi-professional watch tinkerer and restorer (not claiming to be a watch maker) Cazalea ...  

Fantastic room!!

 By: mdg : June 20th, 2022-20:20

With the Donegan Optivisor there is also a loupe option that

 By: Steve E : June 20th, 2022-23:07
attaches and can flip up or down for additional monociular magnification. Love Optivisor!

I have one Mike and it’s the best solution …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 20th, 2022-21:04
I thoroughly recommend one.

What can you use if..

 By: Ronald Held : June 21st, 2022-19:11
You wear thick eyeglasses?

This works for glasses too

 By: cazalea : June 21st, 2022-23:27
You can wear with and/or without if you’re nearsighted as I am. I can’t speak for farsighted folks.


 By: David Walter : July 1st, 2022-15:09
Many in the trade use ASCO eyeglasses, they are available in various strengths, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 5x 10x etc The 10x was developed for hairspring and escapement work not general work. The ASCO lenses are also available in a blue tint to the lens which many fi...