Hard to Scratch... Hard to Photograph... Hard to Find... Easy to Own...

Dec 15, 2019,11:57 AM

For 20+ years I have had this RADO DiaMaster Diver.  It has proven to be a pretty good companion in a few areas...

First of all, the Tungsten Carbide Bezel and Bracelet have gone all this distance without a scratch!  The material is really incredible.  

The one time I thought I did scratch it, I was in error.  It ended up taking a layer of aluminum off the small boat I was in and having it stick to the edge of the bracelet.  I got home and worked on it with my fingernail for a while and it all came off without a trace.  WOW!  I only wish my RO could repel scratches like this one.  

Next, while I am no real fan of Quartz movements, the ETA in this one goes for well over 7 years between battery changes.  

And lastly, this thing shines like the mirror ball in a disco.  If you want to attract attention at a distance, this one does it.  

One big downside is the weight.  Hard Metal weighs a lot.  While Ceramics are lighter, I have not seen them provide a chrome-like finish the way T-C can.

In all, I have 3 RADO's and they are great daily-wearer / tool watches.  

All the best...  HEO.

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Wonderful watch! I didn't know they made a diver version but I had its brother. A blue dialed chronograph with gold hands and accents. The exact same INDESTRUCTABLE bracelet and

 By: InDebtButOnTime : December 15th, 2019-20:05
bezel made of tungsten (yes VERY heavy but I sort of liked that aspect of it). I used to describe the bracelet as a mirror finish DISCO BALL! Hilarious! My motorcycle mechanic once told me to not worry about it getting scratched because anything that migh... 

A shining star

 By: jmpTT : December 17th, 2019-05:05
Rado has done some fantastic work with case materials over the years. Underrated work, I would say. Your photography really captured the shine too.