Do you like Guilloche? Roger Smith shows us how to do it

May 28, 2024,15:19 PM


If you want to know how it's done, here's Roger Smith giving instruction on how he does it. It only takes about 30-40 minutes to watch all the videos, where you learn that it took him months to get a handful of dials created to George Daniels' standard.

I love this series of calm, no-nonsense narrative and filming.



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I love Rose turning engines, sorry if the wrong words are used.

 By: K-Lo : May 28th, 2024-17:21
I remember back a couple years back for AP, the 15202 and select Royal Oaks still used a hand turned rose engine. Other lower prices Royal Oaks had computer turned dials or stamped dials. If I have my facts right.

I LOVE that series

 By: xto : May 29th, 2024-01:16
Did you watch the six parter about finishing hands? In the guilloche one I think near the end he says something like “ this is when it’s really risky - make a mistake now and you have to start completely over from scratch, losing hours of work” I so admir...