What model is this?

Sep 25, 2019,21:14 PM

My father passed this white gold VC down to me but he didn’t keep any papers and box. Does anyone here know what reference/ model this is? Thanks in advance.

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The Vacheron Constantin TV Screen Style

 By: anon438 : September 25th, 2019-22:14
The similar to a 'TV Srceen' styled watches have been made from the late 1960's until the early 1980's. 'The TV Screen' is the nickname for this iconic and emblematic 1970's VC style. There have been many refs with very similar looks like ref 43005/206 or... 

Re: How do you ...

 By: anon438 : September 27th, 2019-08:42
Hi Jurry, a (too) difficult to answer question. I just try to help with some rather basic info, hehe.

I don’t know where I’d ever wear that watch...

 By: mdg : September 25th, 2019-22:52
but it is supremely cool. I can see that on Sinatra...like I said...cool : )

I would combine it with a relaxed leisure jeans look

 By: anon438 : September 25th, 2019-22:58
Certainly one of the VC iconic 1970's style watches. For the collector would be the movement inside of further interest. Since the style is somewhat brutal I would suggest it's more for the taste of Wei Koh than for the taste of Nick Foulkes .

I’d wear that spectacular VC while grocery shopping!

 By: Ano Nuevo : September 26th, 2019-07:24
And taking out the garbage, and walking the dog, and meeting my broker, and hiking in the woods, and...EVERYTHING! What a beauty.

'The TV Screen' vs. TV Screen style

 By: anon438 : September 26th, 2019-23:38
Hi Ano Nuevo, I like your comment, and I would agree the style is very wearable and a highly enjoyable high end luxury watch. I would like to ad some info about the difference between the TV Screen style and 'The TV Screen' (pls see picture below). But in...  

It's like the red wine...

 By: anon438 : September 26th, 2019-23:59
Which is not ready to drink because too young, but it's high time to get this wine from that year in the wine cellar.

Even this one was tempting...

 By: amanico : September 27th, 2019-00:05
Ref 6694, if my memory serves me well... ...  

The Zhong Kui or Batman

 By: anon438 : September 27th, 2019-00:15

I sincerely admire your erudition.

 By: xiaoxiao : September 27th, 2019-02:52
hello timeset The English nickname of Ref. 6694 is Batman, but I don't know the Chinese nickname yet ( tell you the truth, most Chinese people don't like this classic design very much ,because don't like exaggerated design). You said Ref. 6694 is Zhong Ku... 

The story of Zhong Kui calls for this nickname

 By: anon438 : September 27th, 2019-04:06
It's a very powerful style and that expression is very well compared to Zhong Kui as well as Batman - traditional Chinese or post modern mythology. If you own one, you realize immedeately it's definitely not exaggerated design. ...  

now i understand the meaning of the nickname Zhong Kui.

 By: xiaoxiao : September 27th, 2019-04:36
Are you quoting other people's pictures or creating it by youself? I will share this nickname with Chinese antique VC enthusiasts.

The picture above

 By: anon438 : September 27th, 2019-05:28
I just put together from different sources to illustrate my inspiration.

高手 [nt]

 By: xiaoxiao : September 27th, 2019-08:59

Gao Shou

 By: anon438 : September 27th, 2019-09:14
No way, not at all.

large straight and curved lugs

 By: xiaoxiao : September 28th, 2019-07:00
I can't upload photos now. The lugs of ref. 4724 is very special. Similar with ref. 4838, ref. 4907. Can you make a nickname for them?

You have funny requests, it's not that easy

 By: anon438 : September 28th, 2019-09:03
Usually the aficionados just call it The Chronomètre Royal. Maybe you call it simply The 'Georges Croisier' or The 'GC'? It was from his workshop, probably the designer also. Check the VC background info here and advertisment of his company here and a pat... 

By the way...

 By: anon438 : September 28th, 2019-11:31
Hi Student, did you read that story by respo about his CR - The CR GC : When the Past meets the Future in vintage collecting

i am reading it now

 By: xiaoxiao : September 28th, 2019-13:17


 By: xiaoxiao : September 28th, 2019-13:19
thank you for sharing .


 By: xiaoxiao : October 7th, 2019-14:11
guilloche silver dial,with gold lozenge indexes and arabic numerals. Yellow gold "Baton" hands. I found that the dial was identical, whether it was on sale or for the record of the auction . Do you have any more information about it? I judged the historic...  

I admire your erudition.

 By: xiaoxiao : September 28th, 2019-13:10
I just bought a ref. 4724. I will share with you here when I receive it.

Happy You

 By: anon438 : September 29th, 2019-07:38
Congratulations. Your collection grows... Which of your ref's get most wrist time?

ref.6394,18kwg [nt]

 By: xiaoxiao : September 29th, 2019-12:37

good choice

 By: anon438 : September 29th, 2019-20:18
very well blanced individual design top high grade movement

There's a problem that's been bothering me.

 By: xiaoxiao : September 29th, 2019-17:24
To participate in the auction (such as Sotheby's), the transaction price includes commission (the buyer undertakes), does the seller also pay commission (the amount is the same as the buyer)?

Each auction house has it's own rules

 By: anon438 : September 29th, 2019-20:38
Do study the termes of sale carefully first. There are usually fees for the seller and for the buyer. Look at that sample: Check out the source for some more hints: Link Check out Wikipedia for types of auction, bidding strategy or collusion: Link Therefo...