vintage V&C's price list , in 1967

Feb 24, 2022,21:55 PM

Same refenrences, different prices. page 43, G1 6594, $495 page 52, H1 6594, $695 What did the letters "G1""H1" mean ?

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 By: TeutonicCarFan : February 25th, 2022-02:40
Perhaps different metals? Or added gems?

with/without calendar

 By: teacher Sun : February 25th, 2022-04:26

Looking through the catalogue

 By: Tick Talk : February 25th, 2022-22:57
I can attempt an educated guess for the men's watches. A: calibre 1001 B: 1002 C: 1003 G: 1072 H: 1072Q K: 1120 R: 1701 T: 1014 1: yellow gold 2: white gold 4: platinum If you wish, fill in the missing calibres D, E, F for ladies watches

thank you very much

 By: teacher Sun : February 26th, 2022-02:52

images about vintage ladies watches were hard to search

 By: teacher Sun : February 26th, 2022-09:51
D: caliber 1005 ​E: caliber 1050 ​F: caliber 153

great info!

 By: Tick Talk : February 27th, 2022-05:24

5: steel

 By: teacher Sun : August 21st, 2023-23:15


 By: teacher Sun : August 26th, 2023-07:50


 By: @lberti : August 26th, 2023-09:02

Learning on forums and getting lots,sharing with enthusiasts is a joyful thing

 By: teacher Sun : August 29th, 2023-00:18
A: calibre 1001 B: 1002 C: 1003 G: 1072 H: 1072Q K: 1120 R: 1701 T: 1014 D: 1005 E: 1050 F: 153 1: yellow gold 3: white gold 4: platinum 5: steel

Thank you 🙏

 By: Ping.Timeout : September 2nd, 2023-04:38

I was wondering....

 By: @lberti : August 29th, 2023-09:09
..... Why dont you let this folder go through your high definition scanner and let us see all those fantastic watches !?

The catalog which I received is not complete

 By: teacher Sun : September 26th, 2023-05:12
they're parts of the men's watches. ...  

Ref 6665

 By: Tick Talk : September 26th, 2023-14:28
Always thought that was a cool piece. The registered trademark “all-proof” appears in the description for certain watches, haven’t noticed that before! Perhaps it refers to the Wittnauer case design? ...  

I found that Wittneuer's earliest allproof started in 1918.

 By: teacher Sun : September 26th, 2023-23:06
I tried to search if the manufacturer had applied for a patent at that time, but couldn't find it. I found that the screw-in bottom covers of the VC automatic watches in the above catalog are all twelve sided, while the manual ones are ten sided.

Wittnauer was using All-Proof

 By: Tick Talk : September 27th, 2023-01:05
as a registered trademark into the 1960s so it was contemporary with this V&C catalog 1963 Wittnauer hang-tag courtesy of Google Images ...  

You can read more

 By: Tick Talk : September 28th, 2023-14:34
about the Longines-Wittnauer connection here:

Danke. Ich will es lesen .

 By: teacher Sun : October 1st, 2023-04:55

My guess would be different material? Or could it be different dial?

 By: Ping.Timeout : October 1st, 2023-02:12
I was trying to find 6178 chronograph but cant seem to find.