VC Overseas Chronograph Reverse Panda

Mar 14, 2019,14:39 PM

Hi guys

Anyone know why it’s so difficult to see the reverse panda VC in person? I’ve been to see 6 VC ADs and all of them have either the blue or silver dial chronograph but not the panda version. 

Apparently, you need to place a deposit in order to see the panda dial version! 

Perhaps VC Overseas are doing much better than expected or are VC limiting supply?


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I think it’s a new model

 By: quattro98 : March 14th, 2019-17:36
I expect that it will take more time to make it to dealers. As VC releases more dials, I expect it will be harder to see all of them at any given dealer.

St. Maarten

 By: Cerachrom : March 16th, 2019-07:29
Interesting. I was on St. Maarten two days and the only overseas chrono they had was the panda dial, which tried on. I find it a bit too plain vs the blue, which is the one I’m considering.


 By: eamonn345 : March 16th, 2019-10:43
No ADs appear to have the panda version in the UK!