Really does look better on the strap

Jul 17, 2021,19:31 PM

Sorry for posting too often regarding the same watch, but I had to share pictures of this gorgeous watch on Vacheron’s excellent strap. I am leaning more and more towards VC and farther from Patek I must say

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No problem

 By: Weems@8 : July 17th, 2021-19:38
I can’t get enough from VC. Lucky that VC not seen by snobs, so the real enthusiasts can collect real watches. Even my watch friend who normally do unknown vintage watches is on fire when VC comes into action.

The intense blue is stunning.

 By: dhendolan : July 17th, 2021-21:43
Though I'm not usually a fan of seeing the tourbillon on the dial side, I really like it here. Thanks for taking us along on your pick up trip. Please post more photos of your beauties. I hope your family is doing well.


 By: jp75 : July 18th, 2021-06:11
Thanks for posting these pictures, especially since we don’t see this OS tourbillon so often. Please keep posting more! Agree with you that the strap looks good especially with that watch, much more so than maybe the overseas automatic (time only) - for w... 

Not bad on the rubber either

 By: afaleh : July 18th, 2021-19:21