My dream watch

Aug 25, 2018,03:08 AM

Dear purists,

In another thread we had an interesting discussion on the 1921 Pt. Some pros some cons and all very valuable comments. On that potential purchase I’ve made up my mind (see the other thread).

But given the many genuine posts and replies I would like to share something else with you Connaisseurs and collectors.

It’s been a while when I saw some pictures of the Regulator, see picture. A stunning time piece made by the Cabonitiers.

Now imagine this watch with a white or off white grand feu dial and instead of a moonphase a moon (with a more expression face) that appears 3-4 times per year at a date that’s special to the owner???

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Surely a very fine piece

 By: Mike H : August 25th, 2018-05:31
but unfortunately I am not a huge fan of regulators in general whathever the brand. I don't feel comfortable reading the time on any regulator so this one makes no exception even if I must admit it looks classy. If on the contrary you love regulators obvi... 

I would be a bigger fan of regulators...

 By: mdg : November 25th, 2018-15:25
...if the hours were jumping. It takes me too long to figure out the time, especially when it is close to a 'new' hour...i.e. 9:58, etc.