Ice Ice Baby

Mar 26, 2024,15:51 PM

Somehow the view out our camper window has me channeling the Vanilla Ice lyrics “Ice Ice Baby”.  Probably its the surrealistic view across a frozen Beaufort Sea from the Arctic village of Tuktoyaktuk, where we spent the night.  Will be returning to Inuvik soon to beat a predicted storm, which can see the road closed for days.  Although winter travel in Canada’s North is usually free of summer hordes (tourists and mosquitos), we were surprised by a large tour group that descended on our viewpoint yesterday, seeking the fabled Northern Lights. Apparently a child conceived under the aurora ensures an auspicious future! 

Here is a gratuitous wrist shot ;-)

A few more views to share:

The gold rush town of Dawson City Yukon on a sleepy Saturday morning.

Crossing the frozen Peel River by “ice bridge”.  Once Spring breakup starts, the road is shut down for months until the ferry boats can navigate.

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Wonderful shots.

 By: jp884 : March 26th, 2024-15:55
Isn't there a saloon in Dawson Creek where you take a whiskey shot with someone's toe in the shot? I think it's called the Sourtoe cocktail.

Easy to mix them up

 By: Tick Talk : March 26th, 2024-22:20
You’ve got the story right except it’s Dawson City at the Sourtoe Saloon. Word is they are on the 25th toe! Not for me though 🤮

Very Cool location…bada bump

 By: Larrykelley11 : March 26th, 2024-16:07
I like the VC! Enjoy your trip!

Ha ha

 By: Tick Talk : March 26th, 2024-22:22
Very punny!

just finished reading Erebus from Michael Palin

 By: VinnieD : March 26th, 2024-16:46
you must be living an enjoyable adventure!

Would you recommend the book?

 By: Tick Talk : March 26th, 2024-22:23
I enjoy a good adventure

first half is a little boring

 By: VinnieD : March 27th, 2024-06:25
but Palin makes up for it in the second half. there was also a series on Netflix 'Terror' which I enjoyed. Terror is the sister ship of Erebus

Yes an amazing duo the Erebus and Terror

 By: Tick Talk : March 27th, 2024-15:31
If I can return the favour and recommend Barrow’s Boys by Fergus Fleming. Barrow was the Secretary to the British Admiralty who launched these expeditions across the world during the 19th century.

It’s a nice place

 By: Tick Talk : March 26th, 2024-22:27
With much more to do in the summer. Right now most everything related to gold rush history is closed.

Impressive and inspiring!

 By: InHavenPro : March 26th, 2024-19:06
Thanks a lot for the splendid pictorial . Cheers, Filip


 By: Tick Talk : March 26th, 2024-22:31

Impressive landscape!

 By: mrds : March 26th, 2024-19:28
Icescape might be more appropriate, here. And a nice shot of your cold weather Overseas! I remember it from your everest post. May it be a friendly companion in this rough environment! Best, Daniel

Land and water merge

 By: Tick Talk : March 26th, 2024-22:31
On the permafrost. A real feat they were able to put an all-weather road on top of it but they are worried about the future impact of warming weather.

Thanks we’ll take all your well-wishes

 By: Tick Talk : March 27th, 2024-21:41
Tomorrow we drive over 100km on a frozen river to visit a remote village for a few days. Have to wait for the road South to open again!

We dun see both the black watch and the ice view.

 By: iceheller 1945 ✌️ : March 27th, 2024-11:34
Thanks fr sharing. Playing 🧊 🧊 baby as it type. ...  

Bet you can’t forget it now ;-)

 By: Tick Talk : March 27th, 2024-21:42
Ice Ice Baby, over and over again…

I got Nirvana to wash it out on head.😜

 By: iceheller 1945 ✌️ : March 28th, 2024-21:36


 By: Tick Talk : March 27th, 2024-21:43
Its a one-off

Turning South

 By: Tick Talk : April 5th, 2024-15:12


 By: amanico : April 5th, 2024-15:17

I would like to go there some day.

 By: Volney. : April 16th, 2024-18:48
Coincidentally, I was doing some cramming about the Arctic.