I could agree on that πŸ˜‰

May 18, 2023,23:47 PM

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Still glued to my wrist, enjoying a casual Thursday

 By: 1WatchMan : May 18th, 2023-19:16
It's a very interesting dial, the gray chapter is barely visible with this light. Cheers! ...  

This black dial version looks better and better each time😍

 By: ArmisT : May 18th, 2023-22:53
To me, it has that same strikingly cool and bling effect as the black dial Daytona (with steel bezel), except with much more sophistication due to the VC features.


 By: vicunaman1 : May 19th, 2023-14:28
(my opinion)


 By: 1WatchMan : May 20th, 2023-09:07

Looking good!

 By: Aquaracer1 : May 19th, 2023-01:53

Thanks 😊

 By: 1WatchMan : May 19th, 2023-09:43

gray chapter ring

 By: BDW : May 19th, 2023-11:47
I wore mine for weeks before noticing the gray chapter ring, LOL

I believe you πŸ˜…

 By: 1WatchMan : May 20th, 2023-09:09
It's not evident in most of the lighting conditions.