Black-and-Blue Vacheron Overseas for a sunny Friday

Feb 12, 2021,13:02 PM

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Is it a sunburst (soleil) dial?

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : February 12th, 2021-14:20
Indeed many shades of blue, you played a lot under the sun. The last picture looks like whether the dial has a blue diamonds inner ring.

Not a sunburst dial, but...

 By: destrodan : February 12th, 2021-16:35
...the many-layered dial randomly draws out different shades of blue almost at random as the watch moves relative to light sources. It's hard to describe. The inner ring splits its time between either sparkling like blue diamonds or residing in a state of... 

You captured the dial so well. It is ever changing in the sunlight and it keeps drawing me back into the reference.

 By: andyhud : February 12th, 2021-17:23
The last photo with the lighter shade of blue in the seconds chapter ring is just absolutely spot on!! Enjoy. AH

Great shots! You brought the true color of that chameleon blue out very well.

 By: mrds : February 13th, 2021-01:31
And nice to see a fellow forum member who actually puts it on leather

I have the same watch

 By: penang1974 : February 13th, 2021-04:35
Not only looks good but it feels great on the wrist You remind me to try out the leather strap, which is supplied together with a rubber strap.