It was a Freak of a Holiday

Jan 20, 2016,07:52 AM

One of my local watch retailers was selling a collection of used watches that had me drooling.  A watch collector had decided to sell about thirty unique timepieces, and I was told this represented less than half of his collection!  What made matters worse was this collection was put up for sale just two weeks before Christmas.  I was torn; who can think of buying for one's self during this holiday of giving?  In this collection were a Tellurium in PT, a YG Sonata, a YG Freak, a YG UN 160th Anniversary and a SS UN Marine Chronometer!  Other brands for sale were Svend Andersen, A. Lange & Son, Union Glashutte, Rolex, Panerai, Cartier, Omega, Jaeger Le Coultre, MIH and Gerald Genta.  Needless to say I was captivated for hours looking over the UN collection and the others.  I am lucky enough to own the Trilogy as well as a WG Sonata, but that did not stop me from studying the ones for sale.  Interesting how the individual Tellurium was marked XX/99 yet the Trilogy sets are marked XX/100.  I digress.

The piece that I could not resist was the Freak (1.0) in YG.  I had seen this specific timepiece a million times when it was new and on display at my local UN AD, but my budget wouldn't allow it then.  Well it must have been fate that brought this specific watch back to me because there it was on sale again and this time almost within my budget.  I felt so selfish indulging in any of these watches so close to Christmas when indeed I was out shopping for my wife and daughters.  Now I know why jewelry stores also sell watches!  I wound up putting a deposit on the watch and I left the store feeling frustrated because I hadn't even spent a second looking at jewelry and I knew I couldn't cover the balance owed on the watch at least for another four months.  The thought may have stricken me with a sickness because I fell ill for about two weeks after leaving the store.   Fortunately the store did not phone me in this time period, but I decided to call them about ten days after putting down my deposit.  I spoke to the watch sales manager and candidly requested a six-month repayment scheme, and I apologized profusely for having the flu and for not having spoken sooner.  This manager who I consider a friend was very understanding, but said he would have to call me back after discussing my repayment proposal with the general manager.  I did not receive a phone call back....

On Christmas Eve, my wife presented with the surprise of my lifetime, it was the Freak of my dreams!  Here are a few photos and videos of my incredible timepiece...

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 By: Ancienne Le Brassus : January 20th, 2016-08:00
Stellar story! Somehow I can't see the images.... but wonderful and congrats!!

I can't see the pictures, but hey, what a story, my friend.

 By: amanico : January 20th, 2016-09:01
Welcome in the Freak Gang, too. You know the watch, you already read, probably at least, a thousand time everything about it. It is just an horological UFO. It's been in a fe weeks, ten years I own mine, and I can tell you it is a long never lasting love ... 

The Freak videos...

 By: bjacknot : January 20th, 2016-09:03
Freak Slow

Freaky Fast

 By: bjacknot : January 20th, 2016-09:06
Freaky Fast!

Hopefully Freak Photos [nt]

 By: bjacknot : January 20th, 2016-09:14

Freak photos are here

 By: bjacknot : January 20th, 2016-12:22
Hopefully my photos will show on this post. I feel like a troll trying to get these loaded! My favorite Freak The wrist shot The Silicium gears reflect green ...  

Yellow Gold [nt]

 By: bjacknot : January 20th, 2016-19:27

There is still a PT Tellurium available!

 By: bjacknot : January 21st, 2016-17:35
I do not think it was ever worn, either. I would give it +99%. The strap is in better condition than my unworn model because it does not have winder wear marks on the under-side. It is a stunning example and your bank account...well, it would still take a... 

What a story!

 By: BABKA : January 24th, 2016-20:55
So your wife found out about the watch by you telling her or from the manager if they called her somehow? That was a great surprise indeed! I'm looking to find the blue dialed Freak II as it is indeed the UFO of horology.

I confessed!

 By: bjacknot : January 25th, 2016-15:19
I told her about finding a Freak-- and she said "what?", and then she proceeded to make me feel guilty about it. All the while she was scheming to complete the purchase in time for Christmas! My local retailer knew she had already bought the Freak when I ... 

Ah ha...mui interesante.

 By: BABKA : January 28th, 2016-16:24
A great story and great ending! Congrats and ENJOY!

You have found yourself one great wife

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : February 12th, 2016-14:40
Cherish her!


 By: amanico : November 12th, 2023-16:26