they offer it here...

Jun 06, 2013,22:52 PM

They serve Durian dishes at some of the dim sum places here in L.A.  I don't have any pics cause I never order it!  They are places out here that do the Stinky Tofu too! 


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Postcards from San Francisco

 By: dreamer8 : June 5th, 2013-01:53
Dear All, I recently posted a thread Postcards from New York. The last leg of our vacation was San Francisco via Portland , Oregon ( it will be the subject of a later post ) . We were last in San Francisco more than 10 years ago but the fond memory of thi...  

Part B

 By: dreamer8 : June 5th, 2013-04:06
There are many good restaurants in San Francisco from the simple to fine dining. One is spoilt for choice with cuisines from Thai,Vietnamese, Chinese , Japanese , steak houses and seafood restaurants. I am just highlighting two which we tried because they...  

Great job, Ruckdee!

 By: respo : June 5th, 2013-06:33
For a number of years I was traveling to SF at least several times a year. That has stopped for me since last year, but I hope to get back again before too long. You hit many of my favorite spots and sights while you were there and you did a superb job of... 

My mistake, Ruckdee!

 By: respo : June 5th, 2013-07:04
Both you and Dreamer8 really photographed SF so well. And both of you seem to enjoy the food there a lot. :-) By the way, is the JLC Deep Sea yours? Nice watch, buddy. All best, respo

Thank You ...

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-04:52
for your kind comments Respo. I just photographed that evocative city the way it appealed to me physically and food wise ( I took a lot more food photos ) . I am glad the photos resonates with you . Cheers, dreamer

Greatpics there. Two places stick out in my travels in SF

 By: : June 5th, 2013-13:03
1. Blue bottle coffee behind the mint building 2. Dandelion chocolate- both the hot chocolate and the regular block version - in Valencia st Also had an amazing meal at Quince Thanks for those pics Must catch up at next GTG Julian

Looks like you ...

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-03:45
enjoyed SF as well . I had coffee at Blue Bottle a few times. I asked for recommendations and was recommended Blue Bottle. Did you take any photos ?. Catch you at the next GTG. Cheers,dreamer

I've been put to shame!

 By: patrick_y : June 7th, 2013-09:35
I am often in the city of San Francisco and I haven't done half the things you did! You certainly made the most of your great trip! Thank you for the photos!

It is often the case Patrick ....

 By: dreamer8 : June 10th, 2013-05:13
that we tend to be a bit blase about the city we live in. I have not visited a lot of places in Melbourne. Cheers my friend, dreamer

Thanks for the trip !

 By: flamenco : June 5th, 2013-04:44
Your travelogue and brand of street photography is amazing. This is my absolute favourite ! Not been to SF for some time, but it looks as charming a ever. Ok, I have to ask, if u dun mind, 50 & 35 lux on an M9 ? ...  

Thank You Flamenco...

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-04:33
Your kind comment's greatly appreciated. I wish I have a M9 but waiting to check out the M first as I have some Leica glass. All the photos shot with a Lumix GX1 M 4/3 with pan cake zoom X vario 3.5-5.6 / 14-42 ( 28-90 mm. 35mm. / full frame equivalent ).... 


 By: flamenco : June 6th, 2013-06:53
Taken with a GX-1 n X pancake zoom. Never would have guessed. Goes to show its the piece of meat behind the camera ... As my wife puts it LOL The M has some teething issues, as u probably know. So I'd wait a while. ThAnks for sharing these insights of you... 

I envy you Ruckdee my friend...

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-03:50
2 new watches in your collection and both very desirable . You will make your way to the USA in the future I am sure. How's this for an idea. USA for your honeymoon ? Start planning. Cheers,dreamer

Made me wanna

 By: cen@jkt : June 5th, 2013-07:25
go back to SF.... The food and the weather.... cen@jkt

I am glad ....

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-03:55
if my photos make you want to go visit soon Cen. I like the variety of food available and yes, the warm and sunny weather. It is a very scenic city around the Bay area. Cheers,dreamer

You pics came out very sharp!

 By: DRMW : June 5th, 2013-13:48
What a coincidence, I was just there! But my pics are not nearly as good as yours. Also it seems like you went at the perfect time, the weather when I went was overcast. Did you walk up and down Lombard street? It's crazy steep! -MW

Up and down ....

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-04:44
Lombard St. Ming ? I am not young like you LOl. I walked down about 20 metres to test the slope and back up again. I am glad we were lucky with the weather. Where you there in early May ? Have a look at that guy pushing a pram/baby stroller with the Bay B... 

not that I know of...

 By: DRMW : June 6th, 2013-14:11
"...pushing a pram/baby stroller..." Glad that wasn't me! LOL!!!! I was on the other side of the bridge: Didn't stay there that long so didn't get to see all the things you did so I'm happy you posted. Next time I go back to SF, I'll reference your post. ...  

I see wild flowers in bloom...

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-19:46
Ming. Pretty spot in Marion county ? I remembered this area from the previous trip 10 years ago. Gateway to the wineries. I will include 2 photos of food for you taken at Yum Cha which I have not tried before in any Yum Cha place. Cheers,dreamer Crunchy o...  

that's Kryptonite!

 By: DRMW : June 6th, 2013-21:46
Yikes, it's durian!!!!!! :( LOL! -MW

It was Yum Cha in Portland, Oregon

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-22:36
So rather surprised to find Durian used as an ingredient in a Yum Cha place Cheers, dreamer This message has been edited by dreamer8 on 2013-06-06 22:47:41

they offer it here...

 By: DRMW : June 6th, 2013-22:52
They serve Durian dishes at some of the dim sum places here in L.A. I don't have any pics cause I never order it! They are places out here that do the Stinky Tofu too! -MW

No Bullitt style...

 By: BDLJ : June 6th, 2013-17:39 jumping around the Lombard st environs, dreamer? :-) SF in the sunshine is a lovely place.

Mountain/BMX bikes or skateboards....

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-19:31
tearing down Lombard St. would be cool. I did enjoy the old movies with car chases shot in SF with suspension bottoming and sparking. Cheers,dreamer


 By: BDLJ : June 6th, 2013-20:07
Cadillac CTS hire cars.... ;-) ;-)

Thanks for this superb virtual tour,my friend.

 By: amanico : June 5th, 2013-15:24
SF is in my dreams... I want to go there. The watch is not bad at all, either! Best, my friend. Nicolas

Gary Danko

 By: Mally : June 6th, 2013-02:40
I had the good fortune to have dinner here when I went to drop my Son off to Cal, Berkeley. Great food, a little pricey but well worth it....& The city, itself, is absolutely amazing. Mally

re: Gary Danko

 By: DRMW : June 6th, 2013-13:57
Welcome back Mally, it's been a while. Hope all is well! -MW

All well, thanks

 By: Mally : June 6th, 2013-23:05
for asking. Just been busy with travel & work. I've been lurking around & have been enjoying every bit of this excellent site & its community. Cordially Mally

=D [nt]

 By: DRMW : June 6th, 2013-23:06

Well Nico , there's SoCal and now NoCal for you ...

 By: dreamer8 : June 6th, 2013-04:03
to consider. it was your additional photos of So Cal that prompted me to get off by backside and start this thread and thank you for kind encouragement. There's a lot to see and do Nico in So Cal and No Cal. A leisurely drive from SF via the coast to LA w... 

Thanks Emiel [nt]

 By: dreamer8 : June 7th, 2013-04:30

Thanks for the virtual trip dreamer

 By: RJW : June 6th, 2013-17:57
Enjoyed this. Thanks. Regards, Richard.

Thanks Richard [nt]

 By: dreamer8 : June 7th, 2013-04:32

SF pictures

 By: ED209 : June 6th, 2013-18:09
Thanks for sharing your travel pics of SF. That oyster bar looks really good, will have to try it the next time I visit. Regards, ED-209


 By: dreamer8 : June 7th, 2013-04:37
just be aware Swan Oyster Depot closes at 5.30 pm. They don't open at night. Another good place to have oysters is Hog Island Oyster Company at the Ferry Building, Embarcadero. Sit outside with bay views and people watching. Cheers,dreamer

Great other bit of your trip

 By: Mark in Paris : June 7th, 2013-01:29
Still as exciting to look at Dreamer, Thanks !! Do you know why are there 2 churches at the same place in your 2nd picture ? They seem so close! Cheers, Mark

Very good observation Mark...

 By: dreamer8 : June 7th, 2013-04:25
I wondered about it myself. I looked at the tourist maps and cannot locate or find out more about the church , so I can google to find out more. For some reason it is not marked on the tourist maps . I hope some Purist from Northern california / San franc... 

Truly enjoyable

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : June 7th, 2013-09:26
amazing series of photos and you say it was warm in SF then? ;) Best D

Thank You Damjan..

 By: dreamer8 : June 10th, 2013-05:09
It was more than warm in SF when we were there. It was hot on 2 days. Do I need to convince you ? I have attached another photo for you . Is it hot ? Cheers,dreamer ...  

Well ...

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : June 10th, 2013-05:42
not quite convinced yet you'll have to do some more convincing ;) please :) Best D