Nosing Around in a New Neighborhood (to us) Part 1

Feb 12, 2024,20:02 PM

We went off with no firm ideas in mind this sunny morning, and ended up in a neighborhood known as Golden Hill and/or South Park, which is SE of Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo. Like much of the city it is a mix of hill-top mesas and steep canyons. It hasn't been extensively redeveloped since the first homes were built here over 100 years ago. We've only walked in this area a couple times, and never where we are going today.

Here's a first look at the terrain and foliage. The grassy hilltop is part of the developed park area. I'm standing on the undeveloped side of this canyon, and you can see the soil is not exactly fertile! Behind me is a golf course.

But tenacious plants can find a foothold anywhere. This tree has fallen over but is still growing, and even blooming.

Here's a total contrast, in a small valley that drains off the golf course up a couple hundred yards away.

I believe these brightly blooming yellow bushes are acacia (we have some in our back yard).

Birds were out in force, sitting high in the trees, in the sunshine.


Just kidding. Apparently when I reset the camera this morning, the clock got an hour off, so our "home having brunch" photos got inserted into the middle of the walk sequence.

Continuing on our walk, we came across some "art installations" which consisted of brightly-colored branches of dead trees. About a dozen in all. Who? Why?

My sharp-eyed wife spotted a lizard sunning itself on the side of a concrete wall.

while I was gazing into the 600mm lens distance. Arrow points to the Pt Loma lighthouse, about 7 miles away. Downtown is more like 2 miles from me.

Famous tower in the middle of Balboa Park, from the Pan-Pacific Exposition held in 1915-17

Cape Honeysuckle intrudes and brings me back to earth.

Or draws my gaze down into the Balboa Municipal golf course below.

There are two courses here (I didn't get a card to show you) and one of the golfers who was walking the course said "It's a workout, for sure. Up and down, from canyon to mesa and back."

Putting green was REAL grass and the driving range was just behind it,

Oh, I like this distraction! Do I need another red sports car? NO she says.

I'm not a golfer but my wife used to teach golf, having learned the game from Phil Mickleson's dad, a local celebrity.

I think I will stop here and continue in part 2. Please come along with us and finish the walk (if you are enjoying yourself).


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Nosing Around in a New Neighborhood, Part 2

 By: cazalea : February 12th, 2024-20:19
We left the Corvette in the golf club parking lot and stumbled down a hill, not knowing we were in a no-go zone until we left via the path. Oh well. No one cared and the birds were friendly. At least for a photo or two. Bye-bye. The cactus was decidedly N...  

Love the travelogue...

 By: mdg : February 13th, 2024-03:16