Indeed! [nt]

Aug 04, 2020,15:34 PM

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Nice evening with a good friend talking wine and watches.

 By: Pretty Boy : August 4th, 2020-15:01
Moments that are even more precious in these challenging times. The 1995 sugarille was really excellent. Best, V. ...  

Fine discussions with fine wine and fine watches!

 By: patrick_y : August 4th, 2020-15:15
Seems like you guys were in the mood for Super Tuscans!

Yep, he’s more in the Italian red wine camp.

 By: Pretty Boy : August 4th, 2020-15:34
So I brought a selection of Italian reds from my cellar and let him select. Surprisingly, the 1999 Tignanello was still extremely “robust”. 😉

Ahh, very nice!

 By: patrick_y : August 4th, 2020-15:51
Tiganellos are usually very robusto, but the tannins are generally well integrated. Definitely a nice bottle to bring out for a friend!

Indeed! [nt]

 By: Pretty Boy : August 4th, 2020-15:34

Wine & friends . . . the elixirs of life.

 By: M4 : August 4th, 2020-15:50
Watches add a little spice. M4

Wine, watch and friends! So cool!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : August 4th, 2020-16:11
I wish I had a friend as much into watch as I am to have such an evening

a bottle per capita

 By: Passionata_george : August 4th, 2020-19:53
well done

I really like the Tignanello. I have a few in the cellar.

 By: Bill : August 4th, 2020-23:00
I need to grab a few pictures but found these on my phone. ...