the Japanese wisdom.....Credor Eichi II

Feb 20, 2021,13:08 PM

had a chance to see this gorgeous timepiece in the Grand Seiko Paris boutique...

the recently launched Blue porcelain dial version on Pt case...the blue is very dynamic with light ranging from anything from an ink blue to black...


but the white dial is imho the best expression....the essence of Eichi !

looking at the perfect straight lines of the is hard to believe it is hand painted by artisans - seriously impressive, one have to see it in metal pics don't do justice to this timepiece.

Spring drive movement gives an awesome sweep by the seconds hand on the dial - extremely smooth flow that goes well with the Zen image of the dial.

I also love the fact the PR is on the movement side. 

in deed a timepiece that I admire a lot & hopefully one day I would be able to enjoy it in my collection.

Big Thanks to Cyril from the Paris boutique for sharing these gorgeous timepieces. 


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 By: BigFatPauli : February 20th, 2021-13:22

That movement is just superb

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : February 20th, 2021-13:29

extremely well finished...bevels, anglage etc

 By: mahesh : February 20th, 2021-13:40
personally I like the sweep of the seconds hand, it has a mesmerising effect ! thanks for chiming in. Best, mahesh.,

Splendid pieces!

 By: mblum3 : February 20th, 2021-16:00
I imagine just like Journe's Chronometre Blue no matter how beautiful the pictures, and these are beautiful, the watch needs to been seen in person. My preference is also for the white dial. I'm guessing the blue/black has an amazing depth though. I have ... 

the dial in blue Eichi is similar but CB has its one charm with the Tantalum case...

 By: mahesh : February 21st, 2021-01:40
it can co-exist in a collection but Eichi white dial is somehow enchantingly different !

can't agree more...

 By: mahesh : February 21st, 2021-01:38
it is a very subtle timepiece.

I was mesmerised to see the seconds hand sweep on the white porcelain dial...

 By: mahesh : February 21st, 2021-01:38
excellent but underrated timepiece IMHO Tony. Best, mahesh.,