Seiko Watches with the 9T82 Chronograph movement

Apr 12, 2016,17:00 PM

HI Guys,

Last year I did an article on this series of watches - at least on the two that I own. 


The 9T82 is a very expensive, over-the-top exercise that Seiko seems to delight in. A watch that sold for $2500-5000 starting in 1998. A watch that no customer ever asked for (I'm sure of that).


This is: 

1. a mechanical chronograph mechanism (pushers, switches, reset and associated parts) - a module with 38 jewels. geneva stripes, and fine finishing

2. fitted around a quartz movement with a load-compensated pulse drive motor rated at 15 seconds/month accuracy

3. powered by a typical winding rotor but that doesn't wind a mainspring but generates electricity to charge 

4. a Lithium-Titanium capacitive power cell, located in the very center of the stack of movement parts, which will power the watch for one month on a charge

5. an entire movement jammed into a space 6.8 mm thick and 33 mm in diameter


A watch with 7 hands and 5 dials, including an instant-change date feature at 4 in line with the crown, discretely located in its own display window (and its own crystal on most models).


A movement fiendishly complex and only serviced by Seiko in Japan, not in their regional service centers. 

One that causes owners to explode in outrage when they hear how much it will cost to "Change the battery" (which also involves disassembly and overhaul of the mechanical components of the watch).

So far this week I have been wearing my two Sportura Kinetic Chronographs around the house, and I wondered HOW MANY of these were made by Seiko (I think they are out of production now).

Sigh. I hate it when this kind of question comes into my mind and I can't shake it off ...

I had to respond to that internal drive, and the result is this article.



I recognize that not all devices will be able to display what I have accumulated, which puts the new burden on me of reformatting this data. But for now, these appear to be the universe of 9T82 watch models.



Do any PuristS own one of these watches? Or am I the only one? Please let me know if you have owned, or currently own a 9T82.
Next, has anyone seen a photo of the movement? I don't mean through the caseback window, I mean the movement out of the case or dismantled? I have not. Do I have to take mine apart?



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One of those watches...

 By: KMII : April 14th, 2016-12:25
That you have poisoned me with but which I do not own yet. They get offered in Europe occasionally at wildly differing price levels and twice I have been on the verge of getting one. Maybe one day... So sadly cannot help you yet but will definitely eagerl... 

My first Seiko ever...

 By: Ambos : April 23rd, 2016-00:32
And still as of today, intrigued by its movement... ...  

The Darth Vader of the series

 By: KMII : April 23rd, 2016-01:08
Not sure if I have ever seen the black model - very cool!

Well said!

 By: Ambos : April 23rd, 2016-02:52
And heavy as an M1 Abrams! The rotor makes this very specific spinning noise, very mechanical which I think suits the watch.

So heavy? [nt]

 By: KMII : April 23rd, 2016-03:27

Thanks for showing us your watch

 By: cazalea : April 23rd, 2016-06:55
Mine original's titanium and very heavy for that material. The newer one, 44-45 mm in steel with an enormous crystal, is the heavyweight of my watch collection. Cheers, Mike

I always liked these and still have one...

 By: CR : April 24th, 2016-09:50
... the SLQ007J, which is steel with steel bracelet. I bought it new in the year 2000. I recall experiencing the common problem in which the storage device didn't hold a charge, so I returned it to Seiko (under original warranty) for repair and it has bee...  

Thanks for digging out the photo and watch

 By: cazalea : April 24th, 2016-13:35
I see you've been around a long time. I take it you have other watches too - any more Seikos? Cheers,

Never owned another Seiko, but ...

 By: CR : April 25th, 2016-13:19
... I have visited the NYC Seiko boutique several times in the past few years (mostly with other watch enthusiasts who've been interested in Seiko), and I'd love to see a Credor Eichi in person!