My first Seiko ever...

Apr 23, 2016,00:32 AM

And still as of today, intrigued by its movement...

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Seiko Watches with the 9T82 Chronograph movement

 By: cazalea : April 12th, 2016-17:00
HI Guys, Last year I did an article on this series of watches - at least on the two that I own. YOU CAN READ IT HERE The 9T82 is a very expensive, over-the-top exercise that Seiko seems to delight in. A watch that sold for $2500-5000 starting in 1998. A w...  

One of those watches...

 By: KMII : April 14th, 2016-12:25
That you have poisoned me with but which I do not own yet. They get offered in Europe occasionally at wildly differing price levels and twice I have been on the verge of getting one. Maybe one day... So sadly cannot help you yet but will definitely eagerl... 

My first Seiko ever...

 By: Ambos : April 23rd, 2016-00:32
And still as of today, intrigued by its movement... ...  

The Darth Vader of the series

 By: KMII : April 23rd, 2016-01:08
Not sure if I have ever seen the black model - very cool!

Well said!

 By: Ambos : April 23rd, 2016-02:52
And heavy as an M1 Abrams! The rotor makes this very specific spinning noise, very mechanical which I think suits the watch.

So heavy? [nt]

 By: KMII : April 23rd, 2016-03:27

Thanks for showing us your watch

 By: cazalea : April 23rd, 2016-06:55
Mine original's titanium and very heavy for that material. The newer one, 44-45 mm in steel with an enormous crystal, is the heavyweight of my watch collection. Cheers, Mike

I always liked these and still have one...

 By: CR : April 24th, 2016-09:50
... the SLQ007J, which is steel with steel bracelet. I bought it new in the year 2000. I recall experiencing the common problem in which the storage device didn't hold a charge, so I returned it to Seiko (under original warranty) for repair and it has bee...  

Thanks for digging out the photo and watch

 By: cazalea : April 24th, 2016-13:35
I see you've been around a long time. I take it you have other watches too - any more Seikos? Cheers,

Never owned another Seiko, but ...

 By: CR : April 25th, 2016-13:19
... I have visited the NYC Seiko boutique several times in the past few years (mostly with other watch enthusiasts who've been interested in Seiko), and I'd love to see a Credor Eichi in person!