Seiko Tuna SBDB013

Sep 13, 2018,21:13 PM

This is a bit of an oddball in my collection.

I have moved away from large watches in general, having dispensed with all my 44/47mm Pams and AP ROOS years ago (including the Shaq O'Neal if anyone remembers) and stuck to my comfort range of between 37- 42mms pieces.

So how did this one enter the fold? Looking at the specs. alone would be enough to send shivers down anyone's spine : H49.6 x W50.7 x D16.2 . It's a monster whichever way you look at it.
But for some reason I found it interesting - it's a strange and rebellious kind of watch, unique in its ways. After examining one closely, I can't help but admire how well it is constructed; from the vertically brushed titanium shroud to the crown and bezel action, it speaks quality to me. And all the more ironic from a brand that generally no ones associates with in the prestige or luxury sector but high on the affordability index. The smooth running seconds hand from the Spring Drive movement, the 3 days PR and the very efficient winding system with absolutely no time deviation after a week on the wrist, means it also packs a powerful engine, unique to only this brand. It feels like that I just made a new discovery.

The true test though is having it on the wrist. As big as it is, to my surprise it didn't feel uncomfortable or looked ridiculous IMO. It wasn't top heavy at 126g and it hugged my wrist well as the spring bars are attached to the shroud and without lugs the actual size is mitigated to a certain degree. Originally, I thought I could use it as a desk clock smile but then I keep taking other watches off and putting this one on. This may be a sign of a jaded WIS. smile

On to the pics. I hope you enjoyed this very quick first impressions.

Thanks for looking.


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Hello Fernando!

 By: renerod : September 13th, 2018-21:41
Interesting piece and lovely pictures! How do you like the gliding of the seconds hand? Best. René

Thanks Rene.

 By: fernando : September 13th, 2018-22:15
It's very smooth, more so than a high beat. On such a watch, it's even more pronounced. Cheers Fernando