Seiko Dream Square and the Ginza Edition

Jun 10, 2019,19:47 PM

Flew into Tokyo yesterday under horrific rains. Thankfully today was sunny!

Here are some Seiko photos.

There are 5 pieces left of the Prospex Ginza edition diver.

For the upcoming SBDX031/SLA033, it is a 6th July.

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 By: Mark : June 10th, 2019-19:51

Great Seiko !..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 11th, 2019-03:59
The SLA033 looks super cool 👍

Thank you very much....

 By: Adamska : June 10th, 2019-20:07
for posting the photographs. The building is highly attractive with those glass panels and they have some interesting Ginza limited editions . Out of the ones you have captured I still prefer the green dial diver which you provided some lovely wrist-shots... 

Did you see the porcelain dial with the red 12?

 By: fernando : June 10th, 2019-22:24
I had my eye on it but it wasn't for sale yet. The hi beat diver on your wrist is so cool!

No, I didn’t...

 By: Mark : June 11th, 2019-00:17
Was too focused on being in this building and seeing the Ginza Editions as well as asking about when the upcoming SLA033 release is. Plus, I was with my family and they were patient with my hobby. Looks like I will have a reason to go back in this trip! W... 

Thanks so much for taking us on this trip with you!

 By: halgedahl : June 11th, 2019-05:16
I, too, am anxiously awaiting the porcelain dial SPB093 which, according to moderator Caz, will be produced with the calibre 6R27 (28,800; 45 hr pr), but alongside a sister SPB095 (21,600; 70 hr. pr) , as well! That's the baby I'm interested in: more rela... 


 By: Mark : June 11th, 2019-10:45
and it’s dial looks pretty amazing in the photos. Will have to check it out after it’s September release. Unfortunately I have already put my money into the upcoming SLA033, so I didn’t pick anything up. Perhaps the next trip I should visit the Grand Seik...  

Whoa… I love it!

 By: halgedahl : June 11th, 2019-19:03
Thanks for the additional shots! And yes, by all means visit the GS Boutique. (Although I'll have to take some blood pressure meds as I scroll through your photo journal. Kidding, kidding….) Meanwhile you (we) get to enjoy the lovely watches we already ow...