Playing with my new phone 📱 pictures ability

Apr 30, 2021,08:31 AM

Model my beloved keeper SLA017

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Another pic

 By: Charilaos : April 30th, 2021-08:43

Cool watch and pics!

 By: VinnieD : April 30th, 2021-08:58
Can you tell us where the strap is coming from? It is a good match


 By: Charilaos : April 30th, 2021-09:11
The best ones

Correct reply

 By: Charilaos : April 30th, 2021-09:58

Great watch - I regret wavering on this one

 By: jml_watches : April 30th, 2021-11:49
Really should have pulled the trigger. Enjoy yours Cheers JML

Looks great.

 By: mtvandi : April 30th, 2021-14:32

Thanks 🙏

 By: Charilaos : April 30th, 2021-14:57

Thanks my friend

 By: Charilaos : May 1st, 2021-12:43
Indeed a keeper!!!

Superb diver with a nice strap.

 By: Alfihar : May 1st, 2021-04:42
Thanks for your pictures. Best Ø

Thanks a lot

 By: Charilaos : May 1st, 2021-12:43
I will revert with more pictures in the future