From CREDOR's earlier days. Now yours for less than US$500. (This is NOT a sales post.)

Sep 07, 2022,00:24 AM

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I was always confused by what the credor line representer

 By: Dchang81 : September 7th, 2022-02:57
You have the eichi and you have some decent watches, and then you have some that look like mall kiosk watches. Nothing bad per se but it seems like such a random line

That's true

 By: whatmakesmetick (andrea) : September 7th, 2022-06:58
Exploring Credor's website you see a mess of random watches that seem like seikos, why???

I'm just replying as a random watch enthusiast here (I know very little about the various Seiko lines), but this looks like an early and overtly unsophisticated piece from a Brand that, today, is also capable of producing some impressive watches.

 By: FabR : September 7th, 2022-13:15
I know well some of the current Credor dials, and they can be a real feast for the eyes! ;-) The point you make, interestingly, does in fact seem a peculiarity of Seiko in general....For whichever reason, the strategy has consistently been to offer a cata... 

Nice guilloche on this early Credor..

 By: halkcb : September 7th, 2022-05:44
....without the Credor symbol. Could have done without the seiko subtext