I don’t know about the silicone hairspring, but that one Air King has an upgraded movement from the Precision. [nt]

Jan 12, 2020,10:27 AM

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Any Rolex Pros Know About the Old Air-King?

 By: Rincon88 : January 11th, 2020-21:49
Hi guys, does anyone know if the Rolex Air-King 114200 has a silicone hairspring in the movement? I think its the Rolex 3130 movement. Thanks Source: WatchRevewiBlog.com ...  

No. 3130 has a hairspring with 85% niobium and 15% zirconium

 By: kjell_watchmaker : January 12th, 2020-13:38
- but it is actually blue colored - that’s probably where the confusion could come from.