servicing pre-richemont models?

Apr 03, 2021,17:08 PM

any issues with the richemont service center for the pre-richemont models?  haven't had the greatest experience with that service center for other brands

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I had serviced my IWC pilot 3706 (made in 2005- was it in pre-richemont ?) In 2018

 By: hoseachandra : April 3rd, 2021-17:40
And everything went great, the service time was as expected, around 4 weeks. Only the re-finishing of the case, particularly the brushed finish, was not satisfying. Unlike Rolex which done a very good job on re-finishing job. Just last november I sent my ... 

Richemont acquired IWC in 2000.

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : April 4th, 2021-07:42

I think it varies on a case by case basis

 By: CastorKrieg : April 3rd, 2021-21:56
Something from 1980s and 1990s will be serviced with relative ease, especially if there is no need for an extensive work. If you go into more complicated things I know AP used to create custom pieces to service their e.g. pocket watches if the damage was ...