Paying Hommage

Jan 21, 2013,18:27 PM

Hi Guys, this is my first post here.. For me, it has actually been love at first sight with Carlos Diaz's earlier works - marveled his art deco styling (also loved what he did while at Franck Muller). Hence in 2001/2, I braved myself to take the plunge and made this 40mm WG Bi-Retrographe Hommage piece my first acquisition, followed by a basic WG GS40 not long after. Despite my preference to later wear larger sportier watches (I'm a very casual dresser), my affinity with this particular piece bonded as being one that literally started it all for me. Hope the pics are not too shabby as I'm not a camera guy at heart. Curious as to whether there's still much vintage love around, or have most preferred RD's later exotic styling? Do share pics of your treasured pieces and help keep that love ablaze! Best.

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Few shots of Golden Square..

 By: nvbee : January 21st, 2013-18:48
In its most basic iteration - nice and simple, a great daily wear. ...  

Mine says hi! G37

 By: chk : July 13th, 2024-08:03

Lot's of vintage RD love here, LOL!

 By: NickO : January 21st, 2013-21:25
I only own 6 watches, and 50% of those are "old school" Dubuis :) I agree with you, the Golden Square is a great daily wear, so good I needed a second! BTW - very nice collection from the glimpse I see of some of the others in that box of yours. Best, Nic...  

Thanks for sharing..

 By: nvbee : January 22nd, 2013-01:44
Love 'em! Can I have that WG GS and DBT pleasee.. ;P

For sure...

 By: Jester : January 22nd, 2013-06:52


 By: nvbee : January 22nd, 2013-07:25
Your First (WG Bi-Retrographe ), and Fifth (WG GS Perp.) - in exact color combos, were pieces that I once lusted for.. Thanks for bringing back those memories!

Another Hommage.

 By: fernando : January 22nd, 2013-18:40
cheers fernando ...  


 By: nvbee : January 23rd, 2013-15:49
Is that a H37 or 40? Honestly, strapping back my H40 takes quite a while of getting used to after the long string of larger pieces. I had only worn them probably 2-3x/year for the past 10yrs, usually when formal dressing is called for. Had me regretting a... 


 By: chk : July 8th, 2024-09:27

a striking resemblance

 By: marketsurfer : January 24th, 2013-16:45
Was there a connection between Franck Muller and Roger Dubuis at one point? This Homage looks strikingly similar to my Franck Muller 7000cc-- my first non rolex decent watch.... thought the 39mm was huge when I bought it back in 1999-- man, how things cha...  

..and just as beautiful!

 By: nvbee : January 25th, 2013-07:07
Carlos Diaz was head designer at F.Muller before he co-founded R.Dubuis in '99, or so I was told then (pls correct if wrong). Thus the obvious bridging of genes between the two - design wise at least. Agree with the size thing, it's getting ridiculously l... 

Beautiful watch!

 By: marketsurfer : January 23rd, 2013-09:08
thanks for sharing, stunning piece!

And another one

 By: radone : January 23rd, 2013-10:26
I believe that most of us are lovers of the old style RD ...  

..definitely, Another Stunning Beauty!

 By: nvbee : January 23rd, 2013-16:24
Thanks guys for the great wrist shots! These will kinda help elicit my old love for old school RDs.. A good time/price too for hunting down some of those unique pieces. Regardless, to me they are still one of the best and ingeniously designed watches avai... 

I enjoy the double-lines of the '9' so so much

 By: chk : July 8th, 2024-09:23
Thank you for your pictures!