Need help on this RD H43

Oct 28, 2018,14:26 PM

Hi all,
I’ve been offered this Roger D Homage model with chrono , perpetual calendar and retrograde functions in 43 mm case . Any owners ? Any views and feedback will help me decide . Regarding movement , performance and any additional info will help.

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Only a view

 By: COUNT DE MONET : October 29th, 2018-01:08
Well, it is a typical RD from the past: the combination of two retrograde hands, the use of the calendar week which is not so common with a pp calendar, and the design make it stand out from any other pp calendar. If the movement is in-house then it will ... 

Retro Luk...but make no mistake it is high horology piece. I remem when elite used to travel to Switzerland just to buy these RD pieces. They were prob the RMs of that period - big cases,

 By: redcorals : October 29th, 2018-04:27
...unusual designs, Geneva seal decorated movements, colorful dials, top notch packaging, premium pricing etc. We know how short-lived the 'prime' for watches is. Something new is thrown at us every SIHH/Basel and inbtwn now with Hodinkee and others. If y... 

One of the most complicated perpetual calendar pieces out there

 By: Jester : November 1st, 2018-09:17
and the interpretation is rather unique, IMHO. The perpetual calendar mechanism is very delicate, to say the least so make very sure it's fully operational. I have the same watch in WG and a custom blue dial. ...  

Here's the link...

 By: Jester : November 4th, 2018-00:48

Thank jester . Could you help me identify the calibre as it says RD5610

 By: Horology75 : November 4th, 2018-04:12
Does it mean it’s RD35 having base lemania 2310 with in-house variant ? Any idea ?

I'm not familiar w/ RD35

 By: Jester : November 11th, 2018-03:22
But RD5610 is indeed based on Lemania 27CH/2310, with additional complication developed in house, similar to VC47112 and PP 3970/5970...