First one is very cool.

Jun 28, 2017,04:04 AM

Very nice and simple, especially for an everyday wearing. Best

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Tried those yesterday!

 By: dms : June 28th, 2017-03:04
The RM 067-01 is really thin while retaining the tonneau shape DNA. Great watch. Not so fan of the Felipe Massa limited edition colors, but could not resist strapping a RM004 on... ...  

First one is very cool.

 By: Freccero : June 28th, 2017-04:04
Very nice and simple, especially for an everyday wearing. Best


 By: Blesk : June 28th, 2017-04:37
The thing that bothers me about the 67-01 is the lack of a seconds hand. Just seems a bit eerie to not see any movement on such a technical watch. Would also prefer a big date rather than the difficult to read small stacked configuration. But I understand... 

Absolutely agree with you.

 By: Freccero : June 28th, 2017-04:44
The lack of a second hand is something I do not appreciate just like the hidden date. However, RM chose a minimal design for this watch so those feature don't bother me that much in this context. Best

Two very different pieces

 By: colton_d : June 28th, 2017-04:53
Love the 067-01, the RG case gives this one a very interesting dressy/sport combination; would love to call one my own someday. The 004 is exceptional in its own right, however I agree the colour combo on this particular one is not to my taste either. I w... 

Tempted by the 067: Yes!

 By: dms : June 28th, 2017-05:35
But my banker won't let me. He gave me some futile reasons I already forgot

Change bank [nt]

 By: brauner : June 28th, 2017-11:11

Both look great! [nt]

 By: texex91 : June 28th, 2017-07:13

The RM067-01 is a fantastic watch

 By: Mark in Paris : June 28th, 2017-08:36
I tried it in rose gold too and the whole shape, thinness and style is really great. Thanks a lot for sharing your visit and pictures Dms Best, Mark

The 067-01....

 By: InHavenPro : June 28th, 2017-10:07
would be my choice undoubtedly, perhaps the Mille watch in his range at this point in time. Thanks for the pics, cheers, Filip

67-01 Looks very elegant

 By: Colin W : June 28th, 2017-15:51
I agree, A second hand would have been nice