Difference between rm004 v1 vs v2?

Jun 21, 2020,09:18 AM

Just purchased a Rose Gold rm 004. This is my first RM and a good friend told me some good 411 on complicated watches. My next watch will be the rm002 if he can find it for me. As I dive into it more I’m really understanding the reason why these watches are so Valuable. I’m trying to understand the difference between rm004 v1 vs v2... is 1 worth more then the other? Not much info on them!  I’ve noticed the differences in font sizes + the metal piece next to the 3.. Most 004 I see on the market the piece next to 3 dial is  more silverish and the one I have being more black.. first photo is mine and second is what seems to be majority of the 004s in the market. Someone know the difference? 

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V1 and V2

 By: nwk00 : June 21st, 2020-09:42
The biggest difference is the base plate. V1 is the pvd coated base plate(material prob brass but if I rem correctly), and V2 is carbon fiber. The switch over came after the RM006 which was the first RM with carbon fiber base plate. The other differences ... 

More rare

 By: sc90 : June 21st, 2020-11:23
Would you say that v1 is more rare then v2? Do you know which 1 RM produced more of?