This week's B&W picks.

Mar 16, 2023,13:32 PM

Thanks for looking. smile

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What a series! Let’s see..

 By: Echi : March 16th, 2023-13:49
Hmmm ok I like all of ‘em 😁 Especially the 3rd. Hopperesque 🙂


 By: Arronax : March 16th, 2023-14:00
I like the first one the most, I can see a star at the end of the darkness, lovely use of light and perspective!

All are terrific.

 By: TheMadDruid : March 16th, 2023-14:08

You are too kind. ;)

 By: fernando : March 17th, 2023-03:23


 By: le_chef : March 16th, 2023-15:12
I particularly like the more graphic compositions.

Thanks very much!

 By: fernando : March 17th, 2023-03:24

Always! ;)

 By: amanico : March 17th, 2023-03:52


 By: InHavenPro : March 16th, 2023-19:34
Subjectively, number one, four, last one and fifth one - in that order of impressiveness .... Cheers, Filip

Great pictures

 By: sschew : March 16th, 2023-20:10
First one looks like it's from Blade Runner. 2nd photo is the prelude to Electric Nation.

Thank you very much!

 By: fernando : March 17th, 2023-03:30

Perfectly captured!

 By: andrea~ : March 16th, 2023-20:43

Thanks for the kind words!

 By: fernando : March 17th, 2023-03:31

Impeccable Timing ...

 By: cshimokita : March 16th, 2023-22:56
All photos can be expounded, on technical or artistic grounds. Echi's reference to "Nighthawks" is spot on. Very enjoyable walk(s) ... Casey .