My first school years

Jul 12, 2019,01:48 AM

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Early memories awakened by photographs

 By: cazalea : July 11th, 2019-13:42
In a previous thread Casey remembered sunflowers because his dad grew them back in the 'Forties. Even for the oldest among us, that's a long time ago. I have faint memories of living in Hawaii in my formative years, way back before it became a State. Toda...  

You know we are fortunate that photos from the Fifties are rare

 By: cazalea : July 11th, 2019-14:42
They generally contain multiple people doing fairly memorable things. I now have more than 100,000 digital images of boring sunsets, jumping dolphins and watches galore! They will all go into the digital trash can someday. Imagine if I had children or a w... 

I is to blame but I don’t think I can go back...

 By: Clueless_Collector : July 11th, 2019-18:24
to watching black and white or VHS tape movies or cassette tape music. Humans are easily adaptive and spoiled. Maybe that’s why vintage watches or antiques are most times a hot commodity, but only when things become rare.

Who doesn't love old photographs...

 By: cshimokita : July 11th, 2019-17:45
I remember reading something from Susan Sontag along the lines of... there's no such thing as a bad old photograph or all old photographs become memorable. Ike was the first US President that I remember... funny that I was talking about that with a good f... 

I've posted a few pics of Dr No well before . . .

 By: Dr No : July 11th, 2019-17:58
. . . he earned his doctorate. Late '68, when No was in his Man From U.N.C.L.E. phase. Switched loyalties to SPECTRE a few years later. Those pics are still classified. ...  

Handsome boy... FH

 By: halgedahl : July 12th, 2019-06:44
No message body

:))) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 13th, 2019-23:16

My first school years

 By: brauner : July 12th, 2019-01:48

Can't remember [nt]

 By: brauner : July 12th, 2019-02:33

Just as well... [nt]

 By: halgedahl : July 13th, 2019-17:57

Nice idea, Mike. Here are two of mine.

 By: halgedahl : July 12th, 2019-06:41
That's me in the back of the boat with the girls, summer of 1953 (Gad! I was only 6!), my little sister (3) with her head turned on the seat just in front. We're all children of music faculty at the National Music Camp, Interlochen, MI. In this shot, ther...  

I can vividly remember when I got glasses - I was 8 - and I saw leaves on trees for the first time

 By: cazalea : July 12th, 2019-13:54
Before then I thought trees were just big green blobs - from a distance I couldn't make out anything except green against blue sky. My whole word expanded... And now I can see that y'all have overloaded that rowboat! Mike

How cool is that, to find . . .

 By: Dr No : July 12th, 2019-09:22
. . . your favorite toy fifty years later. What I wouldn't give to have my first teddy bear back ;-) . . .

You need some MB&F Toys!

 By: cazalea : July 12th, 2019-16:16
Robots 🤖 for (rich) Grownups Cazalea