Hard to catch

Aug 23, 2021,12:59 PM

These little playful birds are lightning fast and hard to catch on camera if in full flight.

The next two photos are not tack sharp but as close as I could get it whilst these two came straight at me and turned at last moment.

It’s great to see if them in their natural habitat (which happens to be my garden as well haha)

Hope you’ll like them

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Have to admire your persistence...

 By: cshimokita : August 23rd, 2021-13:20
I don't have the patience to do birding... The [USA] Audubon Organization estimates that there are 47 million birders in the United States... That's a lot of people looking at birds... Casey .

Ha thanks but

 By: Jurry : August 23rd, 2021-13:49
But must admit I’m not a real birder. I’m not going to a look out and wait for hours tot a specific species. I’m more the guy that has his camera with him almost permanently and if there is something nice to shoot, I’ll grab it and take a few. For birds I... 

Main problem

 By: Jurry : August 26th, 2021-12:39
My main problem is that these little b….rs refuse to sit still, even when instructed to do so

great photos

 By: teacher Sun : September 13th, 2021-09:44

Thank you so much

 By: Jurry : September 14th, 2021-11:05