This is a photo of "G" and "P" of Calatrava Ref.3796. I was satisfied with "G", but when I saw "P", I was drawn to something different.

Feb 07, 2024,05:27 AM

The left one is ”G" and the right one is "P"

I was planning to sell G once I got P, but I realized the unique charm of G and couldn’t do that.G is on the right

t is difficult to see a clear difference in display other than on the back of the buckle.

this is P

this is P

this is G

The G dial shines like stainless steel.

もう片方のPは クリーミーな陶器のようなダイヤルです。とても魅力的。これはメースの6時下にダイヤが無い時代のものです

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Great comparison, never have seen the difference so clearly

 By: dedestexhes : February 7th, 2024-06:43
The almost warmth of the WG compared to the cold of the PT. If I would have to choose one, it would be the PT but I fully get it you kept the G. Br, Dirk

I'm glad I could help you

 By: anaroku : February 7th, 2024-10:08

Very timely

 By: Arronax : February 7th, 2024-07:17
I have been looking at the 5196G, the dial of the 5196P doesnt do it for me. The 3796 may be a bit too small for my liking though. I find that Pt cases can vary greatly, I tried quite a few Cartier CPCP which left me cold, must be tried in person as usual... 

Nice duo, so many detail differences!

 By: VinnieD : February 7th, 2024-07:40
Do you know what material is the dial of G's? It really looks like some kind of enamel.. even better than enamel IMO and one of the key appeals of the 3796, but not present on all sub-references. It seems to depend on the production year


 By: hora12reborn : February 7th, 2024-18:32


 By: amanico : February 7th, 2024-21:51

Thank you for the photos 😀

 By: Eric67 : February 7th, 2024-09:11
Very nice to see the subtle differences in shades and warmth between the white gold and the platinum. As an owner of a 5227g-001, I really like this creamy lacquer dial. 👍

Great to see G and P side by side !👍

 By: GLau : February 7th, 2024-09:50
If other metals exist, would you consider getting them to complete the set ?

Didn't the P come with the

 By: watch-er : February 9th, 2024-20:28
diamond marker dial?

Sorry but I don’t know

 By: anaroku : February 10th, 2024-03:15

Lovely !

 By: The Wellingtonian : February 10th, 2024-23:01
Thanks for the side by side comparison!