Recommended watch winder

May 16, 2018,18:34 PM

As a newbie, which companies offers good, reliable watch winders?

Nothing extravagant is necessary - as long as it's functional.  

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Orbita is the basic go to quality winder.

 By: Bill : May 16th, 2018-21:03
You can search through their database and it will show you precisely what you need by watch moddl. Let us know what you think. Bill

While Orbita seems to be the gold standard for watch winders,

 By: psychotic : May 16th, 2018-23:46
I opted for a 4 winder box with each winder able to be programmed independently in term of revolution per day and also the direction or bi-direction. This is a good website to determine the winding requirements of your watch(es): Un... 

Swiss Kubik

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : May 17th, 2018-00:19
Got a few turning for over 6 years without any problems. And they are programmable per watch.

I also have a Swiss Kubic for about 8 years.

 By: BMR : May 17th, 2018-07:31
I’ve had zero issues with it. Very happy with the product.

I also have a Swiss Kubik for about 8 years.

 By: BMR : May 17th, 2018-07:32
I’ve had zero issues with it. Very happy with the product.

It really depends on your budget

 By: sham1 : May 17th, 2018-02:31
My priority is always for one that is as silent as possible and also reliable. Rapport winders are not reliable in my experience. I have had two cog wheel winders which spent a fair amount of time being repaired at the Rapport workshop. Modalo is an extre... 

Yes it can

 By: sham1 : May 17th, 2018-04:59
if it does not hold the watch in place well and the watch actually falls off while rotating! Also different watch winders offer different rotations so it is good to get a winder with at least two or three different rotations not to mention they could rota... 

I am constantly amazed

 By: Watch_kha_wen : May 17th, 2018-05:53
How knowledgeable you are my friend Thanks!

You are way too kind Kev!

 By: sham1 : May 17th, 2018-09:07
I thought I knew quite a lot and then after meeting purists like Miranda, Patrick, Melvyn, Gordon, Richard, Tim and Ming, I realised that I knew very little relatively.

I have a Bernard Favre and I love it

 By: omo vitruviano : May 17th, 2018-05:50
It's not a watchwinder, it's a sculpture in motion ()

So true! :-)

 By: sham1 : May 17th, 2018-09:03
This winder is a work of art and would make even an ordinary watch look spectacular!

Unless one has a watch, or watches with many complications that..

 By: trm_tca : May 17th, 2018-06:21
involve detailed setting of the functions is a watch winder really necessary? It's pretty simple to wind and set a 3 or 4 complication watch. By no means am I saying winders aren't necessary, I only asking if they are.