Happy Easter 🐰 to our members ! Easter buffet with 5131G as the main event 🀣

Mar 31, 2024,09:14 AM

My wife and children subtly (NOT !!) rolled their eyes πŸ‘€ when I took wrist shots. πŸ˜“   Naturally I did NOT relent and just kept taking themπŸ’ͺ

What are you guys wearing for this occasion ?

Under a cloudy ☁️ day

Surrounded by rabbit ears

Easter eggs πŸ₯š πŸ₯š 

Breathing in the ocean 

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Thanks geross !

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-14:04

I cannot beat this one, fo sure...

 By: amanico : March 31st, 2024-09:56

Lovely Rolex Nicolas ! My post is not about

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-14:05
beating but sharing ! πŸ˜‰

:) Thanks, Gordon.

 By: amanico : April 1st, 2024-14:48

The Easter bunny brought

 By: Ivo22 : March 31st, 2024-10:23
my son this one… – Happy Easter!🐰 ...  

Nice 🐰 gesture.

 By: hora12reborn : March 31st, 2024-10:38

I can imagine. A great Day Date.

 By: hora12reborn : March 31st, 2024-13:04

Congratulations to your son! How does he

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-14:05
like his watch ?

Will he get the virus?

 By: amanico : April 1st, 2024-14:49

Happy Easter!

 By: christianch : March 31st, 2024-11:10
wearing the Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire πŸ’Ž with the new strap ! ...  

Your watch is darn

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-14:06
usual ! Please provide more information

Big Bang Unico πŸ’ŽSapphire

 By: christianch : April 2nd, 2024-23:41
I did spam the Hublot forum with a lot of photos lol ...birthday gift for myself last month totally in love

Happy Birthday πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ Christian !

 By: GLau : April 3rd, 2024-15:50
Great present to yourself πŸ‘

CAn we play with 5231 ?

 By: chris7509 : March 31st, 2024-12:15
Very different from its mama .. ...  

Your 5231G is very

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-14:07
nice ! Wish I could get one !

Fingers crossed !

 By: chris7509 : April 2nd, 2024-07:36
for you

🀩 😳wow ! What a

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-14:09
lovely Rolex πŸ‘ What metal ? White gold ?

Happy Easter Gordon!

 By: The Wellingtonian : April 2nd, 2024-08:52
Such fun photos!

Thanks Wellingtonian ! Wish to see your

 By: GLau : April 2nd, 2024-14:25
Enamel WT soon !πŸ‘

Fingers crossed Gordon ! Thank you

 By: The Wellingtonian : April 2nd, 2024-23:25

Thanks Henry πŸ‘ When will you

 By: GLau : April 5th, 2024-17:04
share wrist shot of your 5131G with AP dial ?πŸ˜‰

Happy Easter too (delayed greetings πŸ˜…)

 By: 1WatchMan : April 4th, 2024-17:27
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! The 5131G is still my favorite WT, love the white hands over the enamel dial.

My pleasure πŸ™

 By: 1WatchMan : April 5th, 2024-19:21
I agree, better late than never πŸ˜…